I am warm butter stretched thin over bread

And when the bread falls I land on my head

Please explain to me, for I can't quite see

Why oh why must I clog your artery?

I am butter so golden and yummy

I melt in your mouth and slide down your tummy

It's just not fair I taste so good and all

Why must I be full of cholesterol?

I am soft butter so greasy and fat

I can make grown men purr like a cat

Breakfast without me would not be the same

For heart disease then why must I take blame?

I am warm butter stretched thin over bread

Take a nibble and you might end up dead

Author's Note: This is supposed to be a sonnet but one of the lines has 11 syllables while another only has 9 syllables. Forgiveness please. I write about strange topics don't I? I've been told that the buttered side of bread will always land on the floor but unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to test this out. My family isn't big on butter. Anyone care to confirm this for me? ^_^