This isn't your average paperback romance novel. The main characters won't have names like Scarlet and Chase. And they won't have the perfect love.

This will be the story of an average, every day romance. Some thing that could happen to any one, not just me. Its not as extravagant as the romance Scarlet and Chase would have, but its extraordinary in its own way. Well as extraordinary as the love between two people with ordinary names like Ashley and Will can be. I mean we have like fifteen Ashley's and nine Will's in our school. Puh- lease.

We won't meet by him saving me from an evil band of terrorists. Or saving me from kidnappers. Or swinging valiantly from a tree to land gracefully in between me and a rabid lion that's ready to bite my head off. Or something as equally and stupidly heroic to win my affection. Actually at first it was quite the opposite.

Then when you finally do fall in love it's not like your not going to feel doubt. Like if you're at the mall, in American Eagle, after having a huge fight with your boyfriend over something stupid. And you see this really, really good-looking guy on the other side of the store. He smiles at you and you, of course, have to smile back, then one thing leads to another and your flirting. But what's the harm to it? Its not like this guy knows your boyfriend or anything. Everything takes a turn for the worst when you see him standing open mouthed and hurt in the entrance to the store. Grreeaatttt.

Another thing is don't expect to be showered with romantic gifts and poems and letters and songs. Sure, one of the tell- tale signs your in love is always wanting to watch sappy movies and listen to sappy love songs and read equally sappy and unrealistic poems and novels. But it doesn't mean that the one your in love with is writing or composing them. Guys aren't creative enough to think of things like that. They will try and you have to give them credit for that but if you think he's going to write a ballad and compose it in front of all his friends, you've got another thing coming.

My love with my boyfriend, I have to admit, isn't perfect. But in truth no one's is. Love in general isn't perfect. When you are young and naïve to the world you believe every little crush is true love, that you have found your soul mate. That's not true. You have to search before you find the one and once you find him you'll know. Also when you are young and naïve you think that love is finding some one whose perfect or perfect for you. That's not true either. True love isn't finding some one whose perfect. Well, because no one is perfect. True love is being able to look beyond the imperfections, not letting them hinder the relationship or your feelings. I know that sounds lame. But in the end all that really matters is who the one standing beside you is. English Essay- Creative Response: What is love?

Okay, what is Mr. Righter thinking? How does he expect a sophomore to comprehend the true meaning of love? He's delusional, that's what he is. No average 15 year old in this duller then average town can even begin to understand the depths of affection and loving of a person. Yeah we really can do this assignment. I bet he's just trying to get us thinking. I mean we just got back from summer vacation, does he expect our brains to be functioning this well already? God, I hope not. 'Cause if he is, I, Ashley Jacobs, will be getting my first ever F in English. I think I am heading to his office first thing tomorrow morning.

English Essay- Creative Response: What is love?

What is love? How the hell am I supposed to know this? I'm 15 for god sakes! This honors English class really expects too much of you. I mean they actually think your going to read three books over your summer vacation. Yeah, right. I mean I don't even think I read one book over the summer. And even if I did read all three its not like I'm gonna remember. These teachers really expect too much of you. Oh wait I already said that. Well, mark my words, this Righter dude is gonna learn his lesson. I am going to his office first thing tomorrow morning. He hasn't heard the last of William Mitchell.

Ashley Jacobs practically ran off her bus and into the school. She was a woman on a mission and her mission was to set things straight with Mr. Righter. While Ashley was dashing to her locker, Will Mitchell was hanging outside the school with some of his football buddies. Seconds after Ashley whizzed by him he suddenly remembered what he had to do this morning. "Yo, guys I'm out," he said.

"Dude where are you going? I mean now that you're in those smarty- pants classes are you gonna ditch us for smart dudes," one of his friends, Jamie said.

"I resent that man. I'm in honors classes too," another of Will's friends, Ethan said offended.

"Yeah, and its not like the rest of us don't pass," Kyle said standing up for the rest of the group. He paused slightly before adding, "every class."

"Yeah, well," Jamie said lost for words.

"Whatever man, see yah," Will said while walking into the school. This guy is getting a piece on my mind, a big piece.

"Ashley!" she heard some one call down the hall. Ashley spun around looking for the person who called her name. Scanning the crowd she saw Veronica wildly waving from the bulletin board. Ashley let out an exasperated sigh and made her way against the current of students rushing in the door. When Ashley finally made it to Veronica's side she saw why Veronica was flipping out. The field hockey roster had been posted.

"Look at who made both teams!" Veronica yelled squeezing my arm. It's me. "It's you!"

"Oh my god," Ashley said the shock sinking in. Sophomores never made varsity, even if they were playing on both teams. "Oh my god!" she said again more excitedly.

"I know! This is so great!" Veronica said still flipping out. She was babbling now and Ashley was only half listening. She really needed to get to Mr. Righter's office.

"I'm sorry Veronica but I have to go," Ashley said cutting in to something Veronica had been saying.

"Okay, see you later!" Veronica said, still perky as ever. Ashley tore off down the hall even before Veronica had finished her statement. I have to get there, now!

"Mr. Righter!" two voices chorused, colliding as they both tried to enter his office at the same time.

"Yes, students," Mr. Righter calmly responded.

"Well, Mr. Righter, I really need to talk to you about -" Ashley started to say.

"Mr. Righter I need to talk to you about -" Will started to say at the same time.

"One at a time please," Righter said still calm. "Why don't you -"

Will was the one to cut in this time. "Mr. Righter, dude, we really need to talk about this assignment you gave the class." Will's voice was rising as he said the next statement, "I mean how the he -"

"He's a teacher show him a little respect," Ashley said interrupting him, her voice drenched with disgust. This was the first time Will really noticed there was another person in the room with him. She looks really familiar. Oh yeah! She's in my English class and maybe history and maybe another class actually. She's good-looking and obviously feisty to stand up to me. I wonder why I didn't notice her before? "I actually came to talk to you about the same assignment though Mr. Righter," Ashley finished as though Will wasn't even in the room any more, and to her he wasn't.

"Well I always like to hear what my students think of an assignment," Righter said clearly getting excited.

"Is this assignment for serious?" Ashley said.

At the same time Will said, "It freakin' sucks!"

"Students, students!" Righter said, his voice rising.

"You don't say 'it freakin' sucks' to a teacher!" Ashley screamed at Will. "Your say something nicer, such as 'I don't care for the assignment.'"

"That's what suck- ups say," Will screamed back.

"No that's what students who respect their teachers say!" Ashley retorted. "God football players really are jackasses."

"Well, uh," Will was lost for words.

"Yeah, that's what I thought," she smugly said. "Mr. Righter I'll talk to you during study hall," Ashley said leaving the classroom and Will dumbfounded.

"Not so fast young lady," Righter sternly stated.

"Wha -"

"You don't talk to your fellow students that way," Righter continued. "I'm giving you detention."

"What?!" she said panicking. This isn't right. I don't get detention.

"Ha ha ha ha," were Wills loud guffaws. He was doubled over in laughter, using the chair for support. Ashley gave him a stare that could kill, but he was laughing to hard to notice.

"What's so funny mister?" Righter said sternly. "You have detention with her."

"WHAT?!" they chorused. No, no, no, this can't be happening. I can't be stuck in detention with that jerk.

Oh no, I can't be stuck in detention with her. This is cruel and unusual punishment! Like Chinese water torture.

"Yes the two of you will have detention together, this afternoon, till 5:00," Righter said obviously pleased with himself for thinking up a punishment so quickly. "You are dismissed." Mr. Righter quickly wrote them each a pass and settled back into his desk, straightening up some papers. Dumbstruck Ashley and Will walked out of the office and into the now empty hallway. As soon as they heard the door latch shut behind them, "I can't believe you got me detention" Ashley shrieked.

She's cute when she's mad. What am I thinking? This chick just got me detention! "Nuh uh its your fault I got detention. All your fault!" Will shot back.

"Okay, what room were you in?" Ashley sarcastically asked. "And I have field hockey today! Oh my god I swear I am gonna kill you!"

"Threats!" Will cried, letting out a laugh. She really is really good- looking. This girl just got me in trouble and now I have the urge to ask her out. What the hell is wrong with me? Suddenly a shrill voice cut through his thoughts. He heard Ashley groan.

"Will! Oh-my-god! I can't believe I haven't seen you so far this year!" Now it was Will's turn to groan. He slowly turned around to face the person that went with that all to familiar voice. Oh no, not her. Not now! Sure enough, Will wasn't dreaming, Madelyn Whitley was sauntering down the nearly empty hallway towards him. Will and Madelyn had had a quick fling during freshman year and she seemed to think that he was still madly in love with her. She also seemed to think that by talking to him in the hallway he was privileged. Will seemed to think the opposite though, for the majority of freshman year he was trying to ignore her.

"Hi Madelyn!" Will called trying to match the level of perkiness in her voice, but falling short. Madelyn continued to walk towards them and as she neared she noticed Ashley. Ashley and Madelyn had never been particularly found of each other, but it wasn't like raw hatred or anything.

"Hi Ashley, great to see you," Madelyn said her voice now strained and her smile now fake. "Haven't talked to you since like seventh grade. Do you still play. um. field hockey?"

"Wow Madelyn, I can't believe it's been so long," Ashley replied attempting not to gouge Madelyn's eyes out. "Yeah I still play field hockey. Too bad we started to run in different crowds in high school."

"Oh I know," Madelyn said trying to sound sincerely upset. "You hang out with those field hockey and track people don't you?"

"Yeah I do," Ashley responded the conversation now seriously strained. Madelyn now focused herself onto Will who was desperately trying to find a way out.

"So Will, what have you been up to lately?" Madelyn asked practically throwing herself on him.

"Oh, um, football and that kinda stuff," Will said purposely not asking her what she had been up to, hoping she'd take the hint.

"Well, I, have just been so busy lately with cheerleading and." Madelyn babbled on but all Will comprehended was "blah blah blah, I am boring, blah blah blah." He was keeping his eye on Ashley who was slowly trying to slip away.

Suddenly Ashley spoke up, "Well Madelyn it was great talking to you again. Lets keep in touch."

"Yeah, see you later. Now like I was -" Madelyn started.

"I really gotta go to Madelyn." Will quickly spurted out and sprinted down the hallway towards Ashley. "I am so sorry about Madelyn back there," Will said once he reached Ashley.

"No problem," She responded quickening her pace. "Really, I kind of imagined more of your cronies to be waiting outside the door to ambush you."

"Hey," Will said slightly offended. "I don't have cronies. And ya know I didn't see any guys throwing themselves on you."

"That's cause all of my guy friends were in class!" Ashley said throwing her hands in the air and stopping dead in her tracks. "God!" she said after a slight pause. "You just think you're so special don't you? Just cause you play football!" after her escalating finish she left Will in a stupor as she stormed down the hall.

Once again Will was chasing after her. "Wait, wait," he called; now catching up with her. "I didn't mean it that way!"

"How did you mean it then?" Ashley shot back her voice dripping in hatred.

"I just. I just. I just," Will stuttered, obviously lost for words.

Ashley stopped outside a classroom and sarcastically said, "Your just so literate. This is my class. See you in detention this afternoon. I am so looking forward to it." With a roll of her eyes, Ashley entered the classroom. In the hall she left a stupefied Will to contemplate what she said.

Will continued to slump towards the nearest staircase, having gone considerably out of his way to follow Ashley. When Will reached his first class of the day, over half an hour late, all his friends had a million questions for him to answer. But he ignored all his friends' inquiries and stared blankly at the blackboard his teacher was writing on while Mr. Gibbons droned through her lecture. Though in class, Will couldn't stop thinking about Ashley. And how he couldn't wait until detention this afternoon.

All the while, on the other side of the school, Ashley was having a complete opposite reaction. Though like Will she wasn't paying attention. Her focus wasn't lost because she was longing for Will and not being able to wait for detention. Her lack of concentration was blamed on how intensely she was thinking about ways to ditch detention and not get caught. Hopefully meaning she would never have to socialize with a brainless, egocentric, self centered football player like Will again.