100 poems and posts later

Well here it is...guess it wasn't meant to be poetry, guess it wasn't meant to be signature, guess it was just meant to be from the heart...

I started out here when I was upset at school and started writing songs to help vent my anger, and I got a review for it saying they were good (another one asking me to review properly), I wrote a 4 chapter songbook and then later deleted it. After a while, when I was again going through problems in my life, I turned to original poetry to help me, the poetry wasn't targeted to be anything, but then I decided to make it a multi-verse haiku, which I did. I posted it here on the grounds that I was bored, and I started to get an inspiration, I don't know where I was from, and I don't know why it came so strongly, but I found myself writing constantly, I kept on posting – everything from saying how sick I was of the world and wanted to die to stuff about food. When I got very used to writing here I decided to try a story (Sorry its still on the prologue guys, it'll get in full swing shortly) which I did, its going to be a fantasy story called Nariko-s Choice. I think I have always subconsciously turned to the arts to help me with emotions, I was never someone who could turn to someone to talk about it, I would much rather be writing or drawing it out instead – if I was missing something (like love) I would write love poetry or draw love scenes (no not like that sicko).

I also found that the more I reviewed people the more reviews I would get in return and I found that it was a good thing as people encouraged my writing, and some even put me on favourite authors which was a real privilege as some of them are really well known here, and I kinda felt like I was on the sidelines until this started to happen then I started to feel like I was being accepted into the fold.

I honestly think that I've been through more changes in these past five/six months on fp.net than I ever have been in my life, going from a suicidal teenager to a fun loving, spiritual girl, to a young girl in love and I think its always been reflected in my work, and I do hope that this one hundredth post will not be the last...

I haven't said thank you enough to the people who have reviewed my work during this time so I would like to say thank you once more to everyone:

Spilled Ink, Miss Tetra, Charredrose, Needa S, Nikki G, Ms. Periwinkle, ricerice, Jay Lee, Peach Pawz, Stoffpferd, Mark-777, Psycho-kyugurl, AKA-CC, Glastonbury, Suzen, Ariasne, Lioness Black, Carter Tachikawa, Aryaveiel Skycryer, Kelpylion, XxEmotionlessxX, fish out of water 8, Taiya, ginblossom, jaded but alive, Chas, Kisssweetcheeks, black velvet princess, I-Wuv-Muffins, Belle the Shadow-Cat, Destin Scar, naur, Dumb Writer, Mattie *MWAH*, Lyria Shard, Trinity Heart, Lieschen, CoolBeans18s, Wonky Donkey, Isay, Agent, call me, The Black Rider, RWP, Princess Mulan, Shadafakup, Hoellenwauwau, Heart of the Sword and anyone else!

And of course I would like to thank my inspirations, my favourite music artists:

Michael Jackson, Blue, Liberty X, Eminem, Good Charlotte, Mis-Teeq, Christina Aguilera, Savage Garden, Freddie Mercury, Five, Queen and loads more!

Thank you all for all you've done and all that kinda stuff

xXx Nicolette xXx