The threads of mystery
Surf down below
The strands of enchantment
Stay where they flow
Hoping to be seen
To be kept
The place where all will go
The waters of life
Each life has a meaning
A spot
As if each water droplet
Does not
To be an earth person
We are just a dot
Compared to that of the oceans and seas
Water, ocean, sea
Seen without told to or not to be
Each stage in life
To old
All grow in difficulty
Just as the sea
Gets deeper
And darker
And cold
Until you know
There's no true end
Same as life
Although we say there's an end
We aren't sure
But there is a saying that says:
"What came from the sea
Has returned to the sea"
When you die
You go to the sea
So when we must go
When the time will be
Join me
Out at sea


AN: Don't ask, just don't. I don't know what this is about, where it came
from, or how it passed through my mind. I did write this. Don't know why,
but I did. Can't ya tell I like the sea?