The bar has trapped me
In a tight squishy cell
My body tenses
I don't feel well.
The cell moves me up
Closer to the sky
I feel I can see all
Being up this high.
Closer and closer
I here the clock tick
The suspense is killing me
Making me feel sick.
The cell has reached
As high as it can go
My heartbeat quickens
Looking down below.
The cell which was moving
Suddenly stops
But now for long,
It then drops.
Trapped in my cell
Down I went
I could not say a word in my protest
I had no comment.
Being so scared,
I automatically screamed
Hoping to turn this horrible nightmare
Into a pleasant dream.
The cell reaches the bottom
And it goes back up.
I feel so sick
I think I'll throw up.
I felt so dizzy
I wished the cell would stop,
But down it went again
Stop it did not.
I continued screaming
In my imprisoned cage
My wishes being denied
Put me in rage.
Finally the cell stopped
The bars moved to the side
"Let's go again!" I said
And that was my first roller coaster ride.
Note: I went to the amusement park lately. Tell me what you think of this
poem please.