Burning Night's Mantle

The faerie alighted on the nose of precious dawn
pirouetted and danced as light of the rising sun
pushed away the cobwebs and the mists of night
she spun and twirled, joy ringing through her soul
as rays took away the heavy mantle of night
even as inquisitive rays showed her secrets and impurities
she danced in the joy of being known, not hiding in night
great task was over, she was she,
the next great task shall be spun of sun rays and brilliant ocean waters
as the last was of moonlight and secret mists
the sun shall see her and greet her on the morn
before the moon could not greet her for she had hid in shadows
Night's Mantle fully burned away the faerie laughed with glee,
"Ah," said she, "here, here I shall be me."