Take the money
Take the possesions,
Forget all the lessons,
Lose your way
And speed away.

Speed kills
But it sends down your spine cold chills
It's just so complex
A paradox
Buried deep in a human complex,
And it stings your senses.

The things we give up
To get that little bit of luck
And that step to take.
Pass the glass border,
Now brake it !

Absolute freedom
Where the highway is Heaven
And between the Slow you're just a stranger,
Nothing more but a concrete angel
And 200 miles per hour
Is not longer any danger.

Speeding away,
Waving good bye
I'm sorry to leave you behind,
But you knew this day was close
You knew this always been
The way I chose,
I care and cherish you
But no one knows what this heart longs to,
I'm sorry for leaving you alone
But there will always be another,
Yet I'm not sorry for what I've done,
I wave good bye,
And I wish you safe from harm.