The Maiden of the Sea

~*The one and the other

Deep and dangerous secrets

a fair lady's heart can keep

buried deep within her soul,

she alone has a wisdom like no other.

A wisdom of the world

and all its goings on.

How one can never just be as they wish

or think treacherous thoughts

as natural as breathing

about love.

About one and the other.

Deep longings she stills in her hands,

she holds in them a secret.

Her loving heart strives to be known

to love freely whom she may choose.

To have the impossible dream,

for she loathes her stigmatic life.

As she clutches the one man's back in the dark

she thinks of the other,

whom she loves just as deeply

If the darkness will allow her to feel this love

for one and another at once.

Deep love is in her very core,

as deep as the sundering ocean

evermore flowing anew on distand shores

like her agony that courses

through her very veins.

She crys softly tears of the sea

and hope they will lull her

into the accepting arms of dreams

where she can openly love,

as love should be loved.

The one and the other shining in her deep eyes.

Ah! but what awaits the lady

but scorn and abandoment

from all that which she hold true?

Alas! The fair maiden

she cannot choose

the one or the other.

So she longs for evermore,

yet, no, for she pines no more.

For the maiden, lady devine

departed to the sea with her deep heart

of lonley secrets.

Ever can you hear her cries on stormy days.

"Lovely dark sea, take my heart!"

Her clear voice among the whitecaps lifts.

"I choose you as my beholder!"

No more will she want and wane,

for the water made her his lover.

And lost are the one and the other

whom both sought to win the heart

of which both had already won.

Clear is the darkling night and calm are the waves

and the voice of the sea maiden...


For she never will speak of her hopeless love

for the one and the other