By An American Writer
Do you remember how it felt when?
Our lips were one. Have you forgotten?
All we had. Our hearts were inseparable
My tears were pouring after we said our
Good-byes, I knew you loved me then.
I had fallen into a deep sleep of corrupted
Lies and betrayal.
I had turned myself into my own
Nightmare. Lost I had lost the
Only one that had kept me
Innocent, pure, untouched.
I am frighten of what had happen
To me I will never tell for it will
Unlock my heart.

In dreams your mine and in
Your dreams I'm yours. Why
Must our love just be only a dream?
My heart lingers that it
Will not be crushed like a paper flower.
Do you remember what our love was?
Awake my love, I will be your refuge
Save you from this nightmare.