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Beauty and the Beast adaptation

Chapter 20

The wedding was perfect. Daniel was so handsome and looked so serious when he spoke his vows to me. I tried to steady the tremor in my voice as I repeated my own and then the ring was on my finger. We both laughed as it nearly slid straight back off. The priest tied our hands together with white ribbons and we were declared man and wife. He was smiling as he bent to kiss me. I lifted my free hand, with the flowers in it still and wrapped it around his neck as his lips met mine. It felt like fireworks were shooting in my blood. We broke apart to smile at the people gathered around us and the women dragged me away from him. I looked back at him with a pout and he laughed, reaching out to grasp my other hand, halting my movement.

"Ladies, I should think that I could keep her for the day, don't you?" They twittered in reply and I smiled up at him, joining our hands together. His smile was warming and we left the chapel for the ballroom. I let him lead me onto the dance floor and the dancing began. It felt so wonderful and secure within his arms. I leant closer and his arms tightened, closing the space between us. Twirling around him made the time pass quickly and soon the guests were bidding us good night. I smiled to them, my hand sore from shaking so many hands. One of Daniel's arms circled my waist and I left it there, happy to have him hold me close. Once the last guest had left, Lilly ushered Alex off to bed and I smiled up at Daniel. He took my hand in his and guided me down the hallways to his room. I stood in front of the door, hesitant to open it and enter into the room that would change me forever.


"A little. What will this make me?"

"My beautiful wife." Daniel spoke softly, his hands resting on my hips as his chin rested lightly on the top of my head. I felt small and delicate, safely protected within his arms. I leant back, allowing his arms to slide around my body, drawing me back against his strong warmth. It was good to be with him, but I didn't know what would happen in the bedroom. Everyone had told me it was painful and that I would never enjoy it, but that I should pretend to and do as Daniel told me to. I hoped I would please him at least, though my own enjoyment was guaranteed to never come from the act.

(Time lapse, still Seraph's pov)

Everyone was wrong. I lay in Daniel's arms, feeling thoroughly spent and happy as his arms tightened around my waist, drawing me closer as his lips played along my shoulder.

"Are you ok love?"

"Yes, just tired. It was so much more than I expected." I felt his smile against my shoulder as he pulled the covers over us. I felt slightly sticky, but I knew it was from Daniel's kisses. I nestled my head on his shoulder and felt his fingers twine in my hair.

"Only you would look beautiful with your hair spread around you on the white pillow." I laughed softly. I knew what he was trying to do. He wanted to convince me that I was beautiful. I knew now that I was beautiful to him and that was all that mattered.

"I honestly don't care Daniel, as long as you love me." I felt his sigh as his fingers traced patterns on my hip where it rested on top of his.

"I'll always love you. You are my light in the darkness, my happiness in the midst of despair, my loving heart in the midst of hatred."

"Do you compose poetry for me? For your words are very beautiful. I could not say such wonderful words." I felt my heart leap at his words. Who would have known that he was such an artist with words or that he could say something so profound and mean it.

"'Tis only my heart speaking of you, my love. You will be here for the rest of our lives, won't you?"

"Yes, now and forever." I smiled against the sweaty skin of his shoulder. I could taste the salt on his skin. This was what happily ever after was. It always would be in the arms of my beloved. It wasn't magic waved over some personality-less person to become perfect, but the true discovery of the faults and loving the person despite them. I would always love Daniel, despite any fault he would display later on in life.

The End.