My AutoBiography
"I want to be a singer"

"I want to be a dancer"

"I want to be on T.V."

"I want to be a babysitter"

"I want to be a writer"

Every child wants to be everything in the universe-they want everything, and amazingly, everything seems possible. They can reach for the highest star, and if they jump hard enough, it'll be theirs. And they're not afraid to jump. They can, and they will, do everything, and if you doubt them, they'll even have the dignity to stop themsleves before laughing in your face.

Children are the pedestals of a great world. They are the strongest support beams that one could ask for. With their naïve wisdom and their tender hearts, they are open to love and love openly.

What happens to make those open arms fold inward, causing their eyes to darken and their anger to rampage? What betrays their trust so much to make them cry? Why do they, seemingly overnight, gain the ability to be self- sufficient? Why ask why?

Because if the world was made up of only children, it'd be a happier place.

"My child has enough food on her plate every night." "My child has a loving family." "My child has a good education".are those things enough to keep that anger out of those children's eyes? Are these things enough to make children satiated and satisfied with the lives set before them? "Little Jenny is going to go to college and become a doctor, just like her father!" and "Jeremy has such a bright future as a laywer. He wants to be a basketball player, but those are just childish whims." "Emma's doing bagpipes this semester. It'll look good on her college forms."

Every child of every class and social standing is subjected to the anger.

Even the brightest child, with the biggest hopes and the prettiest dreams, even she will be smothered, eventually, by the harshness of this adult world.

Everyone who continues to live continues to grow up.