Chapter One
Sparring...Or Not.

Her black wolf ears twitched, searching for the slightest sound. She spun around as a twig snapped behind her. A rabbit, it was a measly rabbit. Her tail swung from side to side anxiously. Her hands were ready for a quick draw of one of her weapons.
Wait! She could hear something, or someone, breathing. The girl's strong but delicate hands reached for the bow on her back and locked an arrow in it in a second, but she waited. Her hands held the phoenix feathered end of the arrow let it fly.
Silence was all that came. The girl's black eyes with a yellow ring around them darted around. She crept towards the bush slowly and silently. In front of her stood a girl with blonde, shoulder-length hair with black and brown streaks. In the girl's hand was the arrow.
The girl's drew their weapons. They both drew two short swords from their backs. "Sari," said the girl with wolf ears, grinning.
"Sanji," the other girl returned with a glare of her DARK green, cat- like, eyes. The two clashed swords. Each blocked or dodged the other's attack. They fought for over an hour. The two were panting for breath. Sweat dripped down their faces. The two girls smiled at each other and gripped their forearms.
"" Sanji asked, panting. Sari nodded, smirking. Suddenly, the girl's keen ears picked up the sounds of elven warriors. Sari and Sanji glanced at each other, and nodded.
The twins jumped into a tree on the side of the road. They waited in silence. A few minutes later a group of warriors walked below the girls. Sari and Sanji glanced at each other worriedly.
The men and women marching below were of the O'ona tribe. An enemy of their homeland clan. If the girls were caught, they'd be recognized and killed for sure. Luckily, the soldiers passed without a problem.
The girls jumped out of the tree when they were sure the men couldn't see or hear them. They stared at each other in silence.
"We shouldn't stay here. We will just be caught in between a fight which we are not a part of." Sari sighed looking at the luminous trees.
"You're probably right. Although, where will we go?" Sanji agreed, but the unknown frightened her.
"I think we should head to Obalin. "It is a friendly place for outsiders." Sari used her love of reading and making maps to her advantage. Sanji nodded.
Unfortunately, a few minutes later someone started to follow the girls as they traveled down the road. Sanji gripped her sword, and Sanji held her bow.
Sari heard the strain of the string and knew he was about to fire. So, as fast as lightning and with unnatural accuracy, she pulled a phoenix feathered arrow, drew the string back, and fired. However, the arrow flew off to the side.
"What-" Sari started.
"The hell?" Sanji finished. The man stopped and laughed. The twins bristled at this unknown man's voice.
"Who are you?" Sari yelled.
"Me? I am your worst enemy. Far too long has your clan protected you, but now that they have exiled you..." The man stopped, his smile sent shivers down Sari and Sanjo's spines.
"Well, what?" Sanji demanded, putting on a brave face.
"Now I can finally control the world as I have wanted and plotted for the last many winters." The man's eyes became like flaming pits and the girls looked at eachother before nodding.
"So, how do we do that?" Sari asked, eyes twinkling. A shadow soared over the sky. When the demon looked up, Sair let out a loud, long whistle. The demon's eyes snapped back down just in time to see Sari mounting a large grey stallion and Sanji jumping upon the back of a black stallion. They took off, never looking back but hearing the demon's shrieks of rage.
The girls rode hard for many miles. Only when they felt safe did they even dare to slow down and find where they were. "Where are we?" Sanji asked. Sari spun her horse, Spirit, around slowly. She appeared thoughtful, taking in the sights, and observing everything.
"Only about a couple week's ride to the Sanc Mountains." Sari turned to look at her sister. "We need to go back you know. Unless you would like to buy our supplies with our spare money."
"I think we should buy our supplies because I refuse to go back and risk the chance of running into that demon again." Sanji shuddered, thinking of those horrifying eyes. Sari nodded.
"Comeon Spirit. We should get going." Sari p[atted her faithful horse's neck. Spirit snorted and started walking. Sanji sighed and followed, letting the bookworm lead for a while. "I will miss this forest," Sari remarked after a long silence.
"Me too. Hey, do you think we'll find others like us out there?" Sanji asked. Sari smiled and nodded.
"Yes, and we'll clebrate and become famous." Sari laughed. Sanji soo joined in; Their laughter warmed their unhappy hearts.