Chapter Four
"So, where do you come from?" Darien asked, keeping his horse at a nice pace.
"Latanie." Sanji replied, looking down at the sand.
"Really. So you're..."
"AHHHHHH!!" Alix's voice radiated over the group. Darien and Sanji turned to look and saw Coconut rear and the young man fall off. As soon as he was on the ground, Coconut emptied her bladder on Alix. Sari had stayed on the horse, thanks to the chains, and was laughing like mad. Alix stood, his anger mounting.
"You wench! You would be wise not to anger me!" Alix pulled her down close to his face. Sari's nose cringed as she smelled the horse urine that covered his body.
"Well, it's a little late to not anger you, and you need a bath." Sari stated, only to be smacked in the face. Spirit pulled against his bonds wildly.
After a few moments, the bandits were ready to move again. Then Toren held up his larged hand, and everyone fell silent. "I want to reach the mountains in a week."The bandits gawked. Some opened their mouths to argue, but they thought better of it. "That means a week of ruding, and we only stop for three hours at night."
"That's madness! You'll kill your horses if you keep that pace through the deser...." Sari started but was cuffed on the ear by Alix. Toren rode up and glanced at Sari, who glared back. Smirking, Toren reached over to grab her chin. Adjusting his grip from her chin to her hair, Sari was ripped from Coconut's small back and onto Toren's large Stallion. Sanji opened her mouth to protest, but Darien softly placed his and over her mouth and shook his head. Quickly, Toren wrapped her chains around his saddle horn and raised his hand. Dropping it, he urged his horse into a gallop. Everyone else followed suit.
After they finally stopped for the night, Toren had Sari brought to his tent. The elf had been allowed to change into a pair of clean green breeched and a brown, sleeveless shirt. Her ocelot ears were pinned flat in barely controlled anger.
"What are you, girl?" Toren asked, walking up. Sari said nothing, her lips sealed in a thin line, as if biting back harsh words. This angered Toren, "Answer me! What are you?" Toren grabbed her shirt and brought her up, only a few inches from his face. Still, Sari was silent.
"Wench!" He yelled and hit her across the face. "But," He added suddenly, an evil glint in his eyes, "I know how to deal with one such as yourself." He kissed her coldly, but he was shocked when a dagger buried itself in his stomach. Toren coughed, spitting blood onto her face.
"That's why you should never wear any form of a weapon when addressing an unknown prisoner alone." Sari said, as she left, wiping blood from her face. Seeing the guards she commented, "You should probably help your leader. For I fear he doesn't want to have me be the last thing he sees before he dies."
With that, Sari walked to the tent that belonged to Darien. Walking in, she announced, "You better find a new captain because the old one just made a fatal mistake."
Darien and Sanji looked up, shocked. Sanji from seeing Sari's face contorted in a mixture of anger, hatred, defiance, and, the thing that worried Sanji most, fear. Of all the rare emotions that Sari showed, fear was almost never one of them. The only other time Sari had shown fear was when a man made some sort of move on her.
"What do you mean, fatal mistake?" Darien asked menacingly.
"One never carried any weapon, hidden or not, to interrogate an unchained prisoner one knows nothing about." Sari replied.
YOU KILLED HIM?" Darien yelled. Sari stiffened as Dariend walked forward. Coming within range, Sari did a flying side kick into Darien's chest. He stumbled a few steps backwards.
"STOP IT! FOR GOD'S SAKE! DARIEN, SARI..." Sanji stopped abruptly as Sari's eyes rolled back and she collapsed, unconscious. "SARI!" Sanji ran over and fell beside her sister. Darien came over and put a hand on Sanji's shoulder. "She'll be alright." Sanji said quietly.
"HERE! SOMAN, GAKI. GET IN HER NOW!" As the two ran in, Darien pulled Sanji onto a cot. Sanji sat gratefully. Just as Darien was about to say something, he felt something soft hit his shoulder. Startled, he looked down to find Sanji sound asleep, exhausted and worried.