~*Scroll One*~

"A wound will heal, and a sprain will be well.

A cold will be cured and a broken bone will rejuvenate.

But can you mend a broken heart?"

-Pure Dove-






"Hey that's not nice!" a ten year old boy replied hotly.

"What do you expect! You called me a wench! That's not nice." a little nine year girl replied with her hands on her hip.

The children went on with their ridiculous argument. Though the years it seemed as if the two would never get along. Little did they realize one accident would change their feelings towards each other into the impossible.

* * *

All it took was one man, one car, one mistake, and one accident.

I woke up that day only to find myself, with a broken heart, and one enormous dent.

I stood there today, with my tearstained cheeks.

Everything I saw was nothing more than a mere bleak.

My father, my mother, and my brother all gone in one tragedy.

Leaving only behind a painful memory.

I could never leave behind their graves.

For the fact that I had storm in my heart, instead of the gentle calm waves.

I went back home swallowing my tears.

Coming back to where I go back many years.

I rested for a minute on the bench with second thoughts.

Thinking about leaving behind all the laughter and pleasures and the things I had been taught.

All of a sudden I heard someone call out my name.

I turned around and saw the boy that had been always been so vain.

Instead of the typical smirk, I saw a look of sympathy.

He understood my aching heart from the heart braking tragedy.

We had always been so awkward towards each other.

For once we didn't bicker or even give a glare.

For the fact of giving aggravation towards each other, was bare.

Through the ride was nothing more than silence and whispers of the light rain.

For once he said my name without being so vain.

He asked if I was alright.

I looked at his face through the dimness of the light.

My heart begged to let go, but I said I was fine, which was lying.

When really I was dying.

I could tell he knew that was a lie.

Because we looked into each other's eye.

When we were home my friends gave me hugs and words of sympathy.

There was still much loss of tranquility.

I told them I would be leaving.

My friends were now weeping.

I told I would visit all the time.

I felt as if I committed a crime.

I went outside to the garden for a walk.

He followed me out and wanted to talk.

It was still raining, but just as light as a petal with every touch.

He said he would miss me very much.

I told him not to lie to me.

He told me that was complete honesty.

I didn't know what to say.

For I had covered up my heart with grief every day.

Hot streams of tears rolled down my cheeks.

All my emotions unraveled and began to leak.

* * *

I didn't like to see her cry.

She uncovered her heart and pushed aside her lie.

Through all our fights and arguments I never had ever seen one tear.

It was something I had always feared.

I pushed aside all my doubts aside and embraced her.

* * *

I felt safe in his arms.

I felt my emotions unravel like strands of yarn.

Through my words I let him see.

The one and only me.

Then I heard a whisper I couldn't understand.

He said it again and I understood.

I was silent but didn't fret.

Those three words I will never forget.

"I love you."

* * *

I thought that I should let her know.

Why I had always been a foe.

"I love you."

She was quiet and then looked at me and said, "I love you to."

* * *

I never thought I would ever say this but I told him so.

I loved him and he loved me.

He did something I never thought he would do.

And now I say from now and to.

It was out of love and I had one moment in time.

I share you with you this rhyme.

It was tender and soft, out of the impossible.

But it was possible.

It was raining lightly and full of serenity.

What he gave to me was full of tranquility.

It was a moment of bliss.

It was a kiss.