Open Your Eyes, Bitch

The world is huge
Teeming with people of all kinds.
And if you paid close attention
You'd see that everyone faces rejection.

Open you eyes and see
You confused little brat.
You're not the only one with problems to face
And you're not the only one who can't keep pace.

How can you be so blind to see right through
And pretend you know, pretend you care.
Damnit twerp, it's not just you suffering
So pick your ass off the floor and stop denying.

You act tough and you act cool
And fool everyone with your confident smirk.
Just admit it, you want someone to share
To care for you and just be there.

You are childish, sadly immature
You can't even control your anger.
You like to think you're never ever wrong
But too bad, that can't last you very long.

I never tried to know you
And you never tried to know me.
So why do you complain to one another
That we just don't understand each other.

Yesterday you were a bitch,
Then tomorrow you'll be a hag.
But today you are a neither nor
So what exactly are you waiting for.

Go find someone to hurt for pleasure
Since you want someone to hurt like you.
It doesn't matter because you always win
And nothing you ever do is a sin.

Get a life and stop thinking about yourself
Nothing is what it always seems.
You haven't seen life so don't wallow in self-pity
Stop running away and face reality.

Open your eyes wide and clear,
For you can run but you can't hide.
From the fact
That no one is perfect.

And so aren't you.

Written: 08.04.03

A/N: That was pretty messed up wasn't it? I was angry. (Obviously.) But if you hate yourself or you're pissed off at someone then I think you can relate to this. Oh, just review it.

- ® Pris Yeo ® -