Little Blue Book By KartoffleMaechen

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FORWARD So umm yeah this is pretty much diary entrees in the form of letters to different people whom are in my life. All of these events are true, but the names of the people have been changed, to protect the privacy of my friends. Each Chapter will have about two or three entrees in it I'll try to separate them but no promises. Some of these things are a bit cheesy but bear with me.
* * * Dear Jamie- Hey you! Having a fun time on Varsity? I was trying to figure out why I liked last year better then this year for soccer. I have come up with two reasons so far: No Mandy and the rest of my club team You were on my team Katie and Kate are very cool and so full of life, but still. Seems like another year of constant headaches (I get on year of a break and now they come back to haunt me) I've taken to listening to music a lot now. So...Many.Freshman.RUN! Ya know Jo from last year? She is such a doll and is so funny! I'm glad that she got captain, but N E ways. Monique got captain (I think that that is the first time a frosh got captain) Have you ever heard our Alma Mater? It is SO depressing! I wonder if I was a cheerleader instead of a soccer player that is would be a long trip anywhere? Oh well we won our game so it doesn't matter too much. I was looking at the ducks in the creek today; it makes me realize how simple their life is compared to ours. They don't have as many recreational activities as us. Their sole purpose is to survive, ours it to survive: school, friends, moral dilemmas, and evil soccer teammates. Functions are such a pain
* * * MELISSA!- I miss you so much! Why did you have to move to Vegetable Samosa? How rude of your parents to drag you to tikki-tikki-town! So Patti told you that she is going to homecoming (WITH A BOY!) Right! Well I got asked to our homecoming! EEEEKK!! (I did say yes of course) Do you have a "homecoming" at your new school? What's it like there anyway? You need to get IM (for msn) and come online so I can talk to you! (p.s. you never write back from my e-mails) Evil test tomorrow on functions. Did Julie tell you (most likely not) that she has a boyfriend? I might have one soon! *crosses fingers and wishes on stars* He is kinda shy, but kinda cute. I know what your wondering. Why am I the girl who never shuts up (garrulous (ooh spiffy vocab word) going to homecoming with a shy, quiet guy? (rhymes) I think its cuz I sorta admire him (Do they MAKE industrial size duct tape?). Come back for Christmas, Spring Break, and/or ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!