Symphony of Dreams

Chapter 1 It's only the beginning

A/N: My first original fiction. I got the idea from a song I heard. This story will eventually end, I estimate around chapter 7 or so. Please review and tell me what ya think, feedback much needed.

*Note: I don't own the lyrics to 'These Dreams ' nor do I own the song. This story can be without it, but it just seems more interesting that way.


The cold chill winded through the trees, they who swayed, gentle rustling of leaves. Darkness was comfort, for no one could see, or make out, her shadowy figure moving through the silent mists.

Some said she was a ghost, a lost soul in search of its purpose. Lost in time..... Calm, searching for a past... Empty, for there was no future.....

But one fatal look, her blue eyes were glittering with tears. How can a ghost cry? Her footsteps though gentle, twigs still snapped beneath. No, she was real, she was human, she was

" Kari! What are you doing still up in your room?! You are going to be LATE!" There was a series of loud knocks on my bedroom door. "KARI!!" I rolled my eyes.

"Can it Gary! It's 7:30 in the morning. We are FAR from being late. So if you will just-" I stopped in mid-sentence as a small cackle was heard, then a big bang as my younger brother kicked the door, hard. That, was the last straw! I sprung up from my desk, swiftly knocked the switch to my desk lamp and threw open the door. "Gary! For the last time DON'T KICK MY DOOR!" But I was already yelling at an empty space in the hallway. I stuck my head out, just in time to see Gary sticking his tongue out at me before running down the stairs.

Fuming, I slammed the door shut and sat down at my desk. Without any particular reason I burst out laughing. I was lucky to have a brother of younger by 5 years, we don't go to the same school at the same time, ah, what a blessing. I smiled, despite what a pain he is, it is admittedly fun to have him around, sometimes. I turned my attention to the pieces of half written pages on my tabletop, and gave a sigh. Writing had always been a hobby for me, although the stuff I write are not what they call 'top material'. But lately it's been getting harder and harder to write coherently. Maybe from the fact that my thoughts aren't as focused as they use to be? It's just weird.

"Hey, Kari. Time for breakfast!" I vaguely heard the soft voice of my mother and her footsteps down the stairs, but it was enough to snap me out of my thoughts.

There was a sudden chill that went up my spin as I previously wrote on. I admit I've been going weird lately and that chill wasn't the first, but those words on the paper seemed so foreign, it wasn't my writing style....

" Oh whatever. I should just get ready and go downstairs." I said out loud. I took out the usual jeans and t-shirt, and put them on quickly, it was all just routine. Then a thought stuck at the corner of my mind, I was missing something, something important. Glancing around my room, I searched every drawer visible. Another cold chill, I had to find it, just had to. I went to my vanity table beside my bed, small compared to the one my mom has, I never really wanted it, since I didn't put on much make up, but Mom had insisted, the thing she has for beauty. I looked and saw the usual, brush, clear nail hardener, some assorted rings and my diamond necklace. It still wasn't there.

Running down the stairs at a speed I never knew I could run, I found my mother in the kitchen cooking breakfast.

"Hey Mom! Have you seen my bottle of perfume?" I asked, the words just slipped out of my mouth.

My mother gave me a questioned look. "What, honey? Bottle of what?"

My throat began to clutch, but the words came out automatically. "Perfume, mom. I had a bottle..."

My mother's eyes became even more questioned. "Perfume? But, Kari. You don't wear perfume."

"What?" I blinked, my head spun slightly. That chill.. That cold chill.....

"Remember? You're allergic to perfume, of any kind."

My eyes widened.


Spare a little candle

save some light for me

Figures up ahead moving

moving in the trees

White skin in linen

Perfume on my wrist

And the full moon that hangs over

These dreams in the mist


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