Symphony of Dreams

Chapter 2 Darkness takes over

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My mother was regarding me with an odd look. She frowned as she said. "Honey? Are you alright?"

I blinked in confusion, for the moment, unable to comprehend. I shook my head, trying to shake the feeling off. "Um... I don't... I don't actually feel too well." I sort of mumbled, vaguely aware of myself backing away.

My mother was immediately concerned. "Oh. Well, maybe you should just stay home today. Kari. You look a bit pale." She said, hands on her hips, watching me worriedly. "Go get some rest."

Rest. What a good idea. I thought silently. I nodded, but didn't respond. Instead, I turned and headed back up the stairs. As I did, I heard my mother mutter to herself.

"How strange... She's probably just a little bit dazed. But... to ask about perfume.."

Her voice faded as I reached the top of the stairs. A sudden wave of exhaustion swept over me, and I began to feel strangely light-headed. A cold chill swept up my spin as my hand touched the doorknob to my room. My mother's last word about perfume lingered at the back of my mind.

Why had I mention perfume..?

I opened the door, and for a second, caught sight of a slight movement. My eyes are probably playing tricks on me.

I walked into my room, ignoring Gary as he prowled up behind me. I felt like a zombie, driven by some weird attraction. I slammed the door shut, just as my brother opened his mouth to speak.

"Kari! You bum! What the hell do you think you're doing???!!


I didn't answer, not even sure if I had actually heard what he said. My whole mind was blank, with the weirdest feeling of being controlled. It was like some invisible force taking over my body. My room became mysteriously dark, as I drifted absent-mindedly to my bed. Lying my head down on the soft pillow, my eyelids instinctively grew heavier and heavier. The sound of my brother swearing outside the door was distant.

Far away.

"MOM! Kari broke my nose!!!!!"

His complaints fell upon my deafened ears, but the sound of him stomping down the stairs.


Grew louder and louder.

Shadows began to materialize in my room, and through tired eyes I saw them dance and crawl all around.

With one final effort, my eyes closed. All went dark and eerie silent.

Except, for the sound of Gary's descent down the stair that dragged on and on.


Going slow and steady, evenly paced. Never ending....

My mind began to sink deeper and deeper into oblivion.



Darkness on the edge

Shadows where I stand

I search for the time on a watch with no hands

I want to see you clearly

Come closer than this

But all I remember

Are the dreams in the mist.


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