Weird poem written from the POV of a rapist, after watching too many episodes of Forensic Files on CourtTV. Please don't think I'm condoning this behavior because I'm not.

Also, I myself have never been raped, or know anyone who has, so if you have experienced this, please don't be offended by my poem.

= = =


pretty little thing

stretched out,

under a blank black sky

without stars,

for me

there for the taking

so i think i'll take a piece of you for me

for the long ride home to hell

such a pretty little thing

you knew all along what you wanted

and i didn't care

didn't matter to me that you

didn't want me to give it to you

i wanted you so

i took a piece of you anyway and

made you mine

never gonna escape my shadow

you're marked for life

they'll all know to whom you belong.

you're mine forever, you

pretty little thing