Shards of Betrayal

Upon the highest mountain,

Its peak reaches the jewel-embedded sky,

I stand,

Overwhelmed by the serene beauty

Laid out before my eyes.

The land reaches out

With hills of shimmering emerald

And azure rivers

Sparkling under the gentle hues of the sun.


Entranced by this sight,

I feel not

your clammy hand upon my back,

The icy wind rushing over me.


You push,

I fall.


This new sensation

Paints the illusion of flight,

I spread my arms to catch the air,

But realize,

As my beloved ground rises up,

That I am not flying

But falling.


Impact occurs.

My body shatters,

Like that of a thin sheet of ice

Obliterated by a solitary, virile kick.


People come

And sweep away my shards,

Pushing them into the deepest hole,

Concealing the unspoken truth

Of how

My soul shattered,

And my heart broke,

All because of you.