How Am I Different?

By Goth-girl

(Rain's Whisper is my magick name)

I turn around

You look at me

I stare at the ground

Just leave me be!

You think I'm strange

When all I've done

Is positively change

So why must you shun?

We dream the same dreams

For happiness and love

We scheme the same schemes

The success we think of

We cry the same tears

Laugh and smile

Have the same fears

Of those who are vile

We hope the same hopes

That we'll be accepted

Over life's slopes

We all should be respected

We pray the same prayers

To Gods with different names

Our hearts need repairs

To free us from our shames

Most of all, we feel the same bliss

And the same pain

So why must this

Religion be seen as bane

How am I different from any of you?

I have become Wiccan

And tried something new

Discrimination has stricken

I know not what to do

All I really need

Is to be judged the same

As before I found a Creed

To follow it is my aim

Not to hurt you

Not to cause fear

Not to convert you

Or say the end is near

All I ask

Is to live without bias

It's not a hard task

To stop the lies

You don't have to like me

I may not be your friend

I just want to plea

That your misinformation will end