Our white minivan pulled into the long, gravel driveway. The bare trees reached over the roof of the house swaying in the gentle wind. The car stopped with a sudden jolt and my dad turned the car off. He turned around and faced me and my sister.

"Well, here it is, our new house." He said as he looked through the windshield at the old, red-brick house. I yanked my headphones off my head, turned my portable CD player off, opened the door and stepped out of the van. I peered up at the house through the light drizzle. It was made completely out of brick with a white wrap-around porch. Long, eerie vines crawled up the mantle of the house and wrapped around the roof as if it was alive. The door was dark oak and there were four windows in the front. The leaves crunched beneath my shoes as I walked up to the porch. I walked up the steps and it groaned and creaked each time I stepped. On the door was a cast iron door knocker with a carved rope design on the handle and a miniature head holding the handle in its mouth. I grabbed the silver door handle and pushed. The door creaked as it swung open. A cloud of dust encircled my head and I coughed and sputtered as I swung at the air. The house dates back to the 1600's, but a lot of the house has been replaced, like the door handles and windows.

"Mom, I'm going to find my room." I called behind me towards the car. I loved old, creepy houses like these. They looked like they were taken from a horror movie with the creaky floors and doors and the weird, twisted feeling in your stomach you get when you think you're being watched. The front hall had an old, wooden staircase on the right that lead up to the second floor. The main hall went into a large kitchen and had several closed doors. The walls were a grand white with beautiful white siding. I ran upstairs and turned to the right which led down a long hallway. At the end of the hallway I went into the room to the right which was across from a small, rotten door. The room was quite big with velvet, blue drapes over a bay window.

"I found my room!" I called downstairs as I threw my backpack on the bed. I heard a sharp, screech from behind me and spun around to see what had caused it. There was nothing behind me, but the rotten door.

"Well, I guess I better find out what's behind that door sooner or later." I told myself as I made my way to the door. The door had white, peeling paint and had a small, wooden handle. I gripped my hand around the handle and took a deep breath. I opened it and the high-pitch screech rang out again as something furry jumped onto me. I screamed and jumped back. I opened my eyes and looked down. It was just a poor, tiny cat that was locked in there. It had black, silky fur with bright, yellow eyes. It jumped on my bed and cuddled in my sheets.

That night at dinner, we had to eat out because we had no food stored in the kitchen yet. When we came back, my sister, Karly, begged me to play a game with her in one of the mysterious, empty rooms. When we reached the top of the stairs, we turned to the left which led to a hallway of different rooms. I opened the first door and peered in. I jumped back and screamed as a body-like figure fell into me. I opened the door wider and poked at the figure that had attacked me. It was just a manikin, with short brown hair and an old-time outfit on from the early thirties. It was covered in dust. I walked into the room and looked around. There were little treasures all over. In the right corner there was a closet filled with clothes from the thirties and forties and there were a lot of wigs and dress-up items.

"Kayla, I have a bad feeling about this room, let's get out of here." Karly whimpered. I rolled my eyes as I closed the door behind me.

"Well, you can go exploring, I'm going back to my room to listen to music." I said as I turned around and walked back to my room. I opened the door and found the cat still entangled in my bed sheets. I sat on the floor in front of my bed and thought about what I should name it as I stroked its fur.

"I'll name you Mitch." I smiled. I jumped on my bed while petting Mitch and thinking about my old friends and my old home. Warm, salty tears started to slowly drip down the side of my cheek. Why did we have to move? It was like taking a piece of my heart away.

"KAYLA!" My little sister screamed. I slowly got up, not thinking it was an emergency, and wiped the tears from my eyes. I walked to her bedroom and found her pointing towards the closet.

"There is something in that closet! I swear! I saw something like eyes, please check in there." She whined. I rolled my eyes and groaned. I swung open the closet and a sour, rotting-flesh-like smell hit my nostrils. I quickly pinched my nose together with my fingers.

"Ewe, who rotted and died in here?" I asked myself out loud. I reached for the dangling light switch and pulled, but nothing happened. I started to slowly walk deeper into the walk-in closet, feeling around for a light switch or something. I tripped over something hard and soft and mushy all at the same time, making a soft "squishhhhh" sound. Suddenly, the smell got worse. I finally remembered the little pocket flashlight that dangled from my belt loop like a keychain. I pulled it off and clicked it on. I shined it down near my feet and screamed.