Mother was having her baby when the vision came. It was home, only burning, ruined, the screams of the dying filling the air. Shadowed soldiers who were carrying swords slaughtered the people in their sleep. Everyone was dieing. The smell of burning flesh and blood filled the air. Mother, and other woman I somehow knew were my friends of right now, only older, were killed by the men who entered the castle. I came back to reality with a start, hearing the cry of Mother's newborn. I knew that if this child was allowed to live, Troy, my home, would parish forever.
"Kill him, kill him!" I screamed desperately over the crowd, hoping someone would hear. Again, I was in horrible scene, I could not escape. I heard my body distantly repeating what I was saying, and knew everyone was staring at me. I had to warn them. Half of my mind was seeing the horrible scene, the other half viewing what was happening in the chamber. Father stood up, I could not hear what he yelled, and a servant took away my new brother from my crying mother, and pushed through the crowd. I saw no more, everything was fading into black.
I had woken up in my bed, still with an uneasy feeling, as if chance were in play right now, chance that could decide the future of my home. The chamber-maids noticed I had woken, and one went to get who I assumed was Father, the other came to my bed to put a cold clothe on my head, quickly taking her hand away from as soon she had done so. I was only a small child, maybe five, and did not understand why she did this, why people feared me. A few minutes later, Father came in, a curious and angry look on his face.
"Why did you say to have your brother killed? What did you See that was so horrible so as to wish the death of your brother?" he asked.
"Did you kill him? You must kill him; he will be the death of us all if he is not dead." I said weakly, wanting to know.
"I had a servant take the boy to the cliffs, but why did you wail so?" Father asked, becoming angry.
Tears stung my eyes, not only at Father's harshness, but also at the horrible memory of the vision, "He would have caused Home to be destroyed by fire, and its people would have been killed in their sleep in their own beds."
His mood lightened slightly, but not much. He was still upset about losing a son. With a swish of his robes, he walked out of the rooms, the maidservant closing the door behind him.
The following years, the baby boy all but disappeared from my mind for the picture of the death and destruction he would have brought about will always stay with me. I also had an uneasy feeling, which I always pushed to the back of my mind when it showed in the years that followed. I ignored this, letting the happiness fill me, thinking that I had saved Troy.but one can never escape the destiny the Fates have set for you.
Years later, during the years when I was in my later prime, the thing that would set the destruction of Troy into motion happened. The uneasy feeling began to push its way from the back of my mind, distracting me. Shots of my Vision began to appear more and more frequently. I heard from the talk that Hector, my brother, the strongest man in Troy, was facing an amazing shepherd's boy who had great strength. At the mention of the shepherd's boy, my heart filled with dread. As I saw the young man walking into the stadium I knew it was he, my younger brother. The vision of the destruction filled every corner of my mind. I stood and began screaming, "Kill him Hector! Please! For the sake of Troy, KILL him!"
Mother looked at me, amazement filling her features, and she turned intently toward the fight. I watched in horror as the boy overpowered Hector, as Hector was forced to concede to the boy or be killed. Again I began to scream, "Kill him!!! KILL HIM!!!"
Father and Mother got up, father glaring at me and giving a nod to the guards as he walked hand in hand with mother down to the stadium floor. Two guards came up to me, and tugged at my arms. I screamed louder, wishing that they would listen. I continued screaming while the guards dragged me away, trying to drown out the announcement that my father made to the crowd of the boy begin his son from my ears; I wished not to hear the announcement of the fall of Troy.
They threw me away into a dungeon. In the quiet, starving darkness, I Saw all that happened as it happened; about a month after my imprisonment, Paris, the name of my brother, was sent Greece to find out if the Kings were plotting against Father. They were not, but Paris saw Helen, the most beautiful woman ever. She looked innocent, unknowing, and bubble-brained. Paris saw the horrible humiliation she went through, and remembered her face from something, of what I knew not. He felt sorry for her, and stole her away on the ship. They sailed back, Father greeting them warmly. I saw the judgment of Menelaus, and the ten-year war that ensued, all from inside my cell. Nothing would come about from the actual war itself. No, the King's would use trickery to cause the downfall of Troy. I saw the soldiers get inside the horse, the people of Troy, not my home, the people of my home would never lock me up, stupidly take in the horse in to gloat over their victory. When the soldiers came out, I began to cry; when they began to kill, I screamed, hoping that someone would hear me, wake up, and escape. The only good thing I saw was my brother, Aeneas, walking secretly with Father and his son through the fire, to escape and begin Troy again.
The soldiers found me and took me for a slave. They gave me to Helen's half sister, Clytemnestra and she said to me, "Don't worry, Cassandra, we treat slaves well."