This one needs quite a bit of work on it, but the basic idea is there.


The Price Of Faith?

You said you can't be my friend anymore,
But I don't understand it at all.
You are a Christian, and I've turned away,
So you turn your back on it all.

You won't be my friend because I am a sinner,
You're afraid that I'm going to hell,
You refuse to reply to my messages now,
But you weren't even there when I fell.

Are you so shallow that you have to hate me,
Because I'm finding church hard?
So narrow minded that you walk away,
In case your creator gets mad?

How do you ever hope to save souls,
When you won't even talk to the lost,
All you need to do is reach out,
But you're afraid that it's you it will cost.

I wish that you would still be my friend,
Because I feel so guilty for this,
When you finally make it to Heaven,
It's not going to be me whom you miss.