The other End
I sit gazing lazily out across the night
Pools of moonlight reflections
identical but different
like shadows of many worlds
Many choices different paths to take
Each turn offering something spectacular
"So amazing you have to live it" I was told
embrace faith let destiny guide you
the song of those lost in a world of darkness
wandering aimlessly from pool to pool
searching for the perfect moon beam to call their own
and I in darkness sit outlined by the moon
large and bright an iris of hope in a dark future
As they past some look up at us
the moon and I so bright against the back drop of life
and ponder my choice to sit and wait instead of search
and with my eyes I answer a secret smile
I have found what I need and it waits at the other end
But not for long ,the telephone rings, destiny calls
David ,night walker a dark Spiderman with bony legs and bright eyes
Sweet words whispered in a shell of perfumed night engulfing me
Warmth that only I know of hot in searing in a cold ,cold night
Where lost souls wander from pool to pool searching for what they may never
find ,
For what I have found on the other end