Freak show
Am i so different from you
that we cant see eye to eye
does my intelligence bother you
What should i do
Change, conform to your will
and like pigs be fed swill
the troth of my life over fill
with slime and grime such as you
sour my mouth devour my thoughts
All my life ive been taught to lie
and deny the existance of people just like me
Out cast ridiculed hated cant you see
the trouble i go through
because iam not like you
Am i so different from you
dont i do things you do
like a mirror my actions reflect what i see
and my image it shows my true destiny
My mother was a freak in the circus
ridiculed because she had me
made a lotta dough
but dont you know it hurts to be me
Many eyes every night
morning noon and so soon
they try to judge me
preachers try to purge me
Make me into something i cant be
I am me
and i dont give a damn what you think
if I sink to your position and lower damn to far
whatever ill never change
to please i wont try to tease you
like a rat on a stick
a note tied to a brick through your window
I see you watch me do as you do
i can be a man even more so than you
My eyes never lie and ill never die
or deny my face
for i have a life that can never be trace
Look at me cant you see
i have no fear in my eyes
All my willingness dies
Cus i do what i do
and to my self iam true
love forever or never but whatever iam done
NatWorld 01