A/N: Hello. Since Playboy is almost finished, I am going to start a new story. I want this one to take place in high school. I'm warning you, I've never been in a relationship before and this is mostly a humorous and lighthearted story. If some things doesn't seem real to you, please tell me because I'm serious when I said I've never been on a date. I've also never had a crush. I'm not going to summarize any chapters like I did in Playboy. It's too much of a hassle. Oh, yeah, some of the characters are based on real people, and some are made up.

Chapter one

"I got a 89 on the math test. I'm gonna make a B in Algebra 3 this semester," wailed Amy. "A B! My parents are going to be so disappointed." Amy let out a loud sigh. The Chinese girl sat down at the lunch table beside her two best friends.

"It's ok to get a B, Amy. Look at me, I have a B in Algebra 3," Jessie said. "I might even get a B on this English paper if I don't finish it on time." And then she turned her attention back to her essay.

"A B's not bad. At least you don't have a stalker after you," Rachel said.

"You have a stalker after you? Since when? Do tell," said Amy suddenly interested, forgetting her problems.

"Well, there's this guy and I've been meeting him real often in the hallways. It's really starting to creep me out."

"Are you sure he's stalking you?" Amy asked doubtfully. "Maybe it's a coincidence?"

"We meet like everyday in the halls and he walks me to my classes. Doesn't that mean stalking?"

"Have you tried taking a different route?" Jessie said.

"Yes, once until I found out that it would take a minute longer."

"So?" Amy said.

"One minute is a long time, Amy. You can get a lot done in a minute instead of walking around in the hallways."

"Do you know him?" Amy asked, curious to find out who this stalker was.

"Yeah, his name is Mark. I've known him since two years ago when my best friend went out with him. Then they broke up and he wanted to go out with me but I turned him down."

"Why don't you ask him out?" Jessie asked.

"Because I don't like him."

"Why don't you ask him out, give it a week, then drop him?" Amy asked. "I mean, wouldn't you be doing him a favor? You ask him out then dump him and then he'll get over you. That way he'll know what you're like. Isn't that the reason you Americans go out? To check out what the opposite sex is like and once you're bored, you dump them?"

"No way, that's mean," Rachel said, slightly shocked at how cold her friend could be when it came to relationships. Amy shrugged. She really never cared for high school relationships anyway. I mean, come on. How many relationships in high school actually work out?

"Yeah, that would be kinda rude," Jessie said, nodding.

"What can I say? I'm a cold-hearted bitch," Amy said with a shrug and a smile. Then she turned to Rachel. "Just be nice to him and pretend you don't notice that he likes you, ok?"

"But he's so annoying!"

"Then get a boyfriend," Amy said.

"He'll still bother me anyway. Anyway, speaking of boyfriends, we need to get you a boyfriend."

"No boyfriend, please. Spare me," Amy said, rolling her eyes.

"Why not?" Rachel asked.

"Because I don't want one. I need to study and bring up. I want to get all A's all four years of my high school life. If I went out, it'll distract me from my studies. Not everyone needs a social life, Rachel. Don't you agree, Jessie?"

"I wouldn't know. I have fencing nearly every night. That counts as some sort of life. Unlike you staying home everyday doing homework and studying," Jessie teased.

"Well, I guess I'm the only one who doesn't have a life then," Amy said cheerfully.


"You should ask a guy out," Rachel said, earning a glare from Amy. "I mean, all you do is go to a movie or something. You don't really have to have a lasting relationship."

"No dating until I'm in college. I just don't think I'm ready for it," Amy said. "Besides, look at the guys we hang around with. Look at my brother, Yuri, and Jason. Do you seriously want to go out with any of them? And if not them, anyone like them?" The thing was, although Amy knew they were jerks, they were also her friends. She just pretended she didn't like them. In fact, sometimes she often felt more comfortable with guys than girls, not including her friends.

"Hmm. Good point," Jessie said, looking up from her paper that she was working on. "What about Alex?"

"What about him?"

"Don't tell me you haven't noticed how cute he is?" Rachel said. Amy nearly choked.

"Alex? Cute? Those two words shouldn't even go in the same sentence," said Amy snorting. "Besides, he treats me like dirt. He's such a jerk."

"Very true," said Jessie laughing.

"Hey, is that guy coming over?" Rachel asked. "He's hot." All three girls turned their attention to a blond-haired, blue-eyed gorgeous guy walking towards them.

"Hey, I'm Ron," he said smiling, leaning slightly on the table.

"Hi, I'm Amy. This is Rachel and Jessie," Amy said. Rachel was too nervous when it came to guys and Jessie was working on her English essay due next period. So it was up to Amy to say something. She had never been nervous around guys. Maybe it was the fact that she had a twin brother and due to her numerous interactions with guys because of that.

"Um, my friend Jonathon was wondering if you would want to go out with him."

"Jonathon who?" Amy asked frowning. She heard a gasp from Rachel. "What?" she asked Rachel. "Did I say something wrong?"

"Jonathon's this really nice guy and he's hot. Say yes," Rachel said.

"Uh, no thanks," Amy said. Ron raised his eyebrow at this answer. Rachel started nudging her, trying to make her say yes. "It's just that I don't know him very well."

"You could get to know him."

Amy smiled and shook her head.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" Ron asked.


"Did you just break up with your boyfriend?"


"Are you like extremely busy or something?"


Then what's the problem?"

"I don't want to go out with anyone."

"That's not an answer. Come on, just give him a chance."

Amy frowned at the guy in front of her. Is it so hard to believe that she just didn't want to go out with anyone? Rachel wasn't helping either with her continuous whisperings of say yes, Amy, say yes. So she turned to the only person who could help her.

"Jessie," she hissed. "Tell him why I won't go out with his friend." Jessie looked up from her paper into the begging eyes of her friend. How could she say no?

"She's dating someone," Jessie said.

"But she said she's not."

"She lied. She already has a boyfriend but since they've only been together for a day, they haven't gone public yet." Ron still didn't look convinced.

"What's his name?"

"Alex," Jessie blurted out the first name that came into her head. After all, they were talking about him a few minutes ago. From the gasp of indignation coming from her right, Jessie could tell that Amy was not pleased with her 'boyfriend.' Luckily, Amy was very smart and caught on immediately.

"Jessie, you weren't suppose to tell him that," Amy whined. "We're haven't even been on a date yet."

"So is there any chance that you might go out with Jonathon?"

"No, I don't think so. The only reason that your friend Jonathon is asking me out is because I'm Chinese and he just wants to try something new."

"That's not true," Ron protested. "He really likes you."

"Just tell Jonathon that I'm not ready to date anyone else."

"Okay, if you're sure. Um, nice meeting you. Bye," Ron said as he walked over to his table.

"I feel sort of sorry for him. He must be really good friends with Jonathon to ask a girl out and try to bug her to go out with his friend," Amy said. "Who is this Jonathon again?"

"That totally hot dude over there," Rachel pointed out.

Amy turned her attention to a strawberry blond-haired guy joking around with his friends. When Ron went over and told him Amy's answer, Jonathon looked up and saw Amy staring at him. He smiled at her, a good-natured smile, which made her blush and the corners of her lips tug slightly upward as well. Then she turned her attention back to her friends.

"Seriously, Alex? Can't you think of someone better?" Amy asked.

"Hey, you wanted my help. I gave you it," Jessie defended.

"True, thanks. Rachel, you weren't much of a help."

"Well, Jonathon is hot."

Amy snorted. "You call that hot? I've seen much cuter, but I guess he's okay. Now, back to Alex. What am I going to tell him? They'll probably ask him if it's true and he'll say no."

"Tell him the truth," Jessie suggested.

"Yeah, like that's going to work. Hello, Alex. You've just become my fake boyfriend because my friend Jessie accidentally claimed you were going out with me in an effort to get rid of this really annoying guy."

"That might work," Jessie defended.

"Like how? He's such a jerk. I doubt if he will say yes."

"Come on, he's not that bad."

"Well, he can be really adorable sometimes, especially when he's begging me for a candy or something."

"There you go."

"Bribe him with candy," Rachel said.

"Great idea. That will make him say yes," Amy said sarcastically. Then she thought about it. "Actually that is a great idea. Thanks Rachel."

"Hey guys, let's go to the library later. My English essay is due by the end of the day since I didn't turn it in this morning," Jessie said, getting up.

"I don't understand how you can start your paper on the day it's due yet still get an A."

"I don't either but hey, it works."

The three friends got up and left the table laughing, unaware of Jonathon who was staring at Amy intently.

A/N: Amy may seem a little mean to you girls but maybe that's because I put a lot of my personality into her. What can I say? I'm a mean person. Jessie and Rachel are based on my two best friends.