Weird things don't happen to me. Well, sometimes I find pastries that resemble various movie stars and puddles that look like countries of the world, but that's the extent of strange happenings in my life. That's why when I boarded the mag-lev train that day, I didn't suspect anything would happen.

            I was on my way across the country, accompanied by my older brother and younger sister, to an airport in California where we would board a plane to visit my father in Japan. The innovative mag-lev system could cross the country with a little more time than a plane, but for a fraction of the cost. There had been no record of accidents in the recent years it had been running. The only way a train could wreck was if the rails reversed their polarization. That was impossible.

            I boarded the train without worry, finding my seat and shoving my duffel into the overhead compartment. My sister threw hers next to mine and flopped into the seat. She plugged her earphones into her ears and smiled at me. "Goodnight."

            I sighed and plugged in as well. I looked out the window, as the world became a blur of color. I gave up on trying to figure out where we were. All I cared about were heavy metal strings and where the bathroom was.

            We had been on the train for about half an hour when the cabin lights flickered. I looked up confusedly, shook my head and sat down. My sister looked over at me and hit pause on her CD player.

            "Your fly is open."

            I blushed and zipped it. The cabin lights flickered again. I looked around. Nobody else seemed worried. I heard a stewardess mention there was an electrical problem. I shrugged it off until the cabin shook. I sat up with a start. Mag-lev trains do NOT shake. You can't feel movement at all. I looked at my sister who was preoccupied with her nails. I tried to relax.

*          *            *            *            *            *            *            *            *            *            *            *

            Saria looked at her room as she shoved another article of clothing into her already full suitcase. Spring break was over, bummer. Her return home to Sydney had been uneventful, much to her surprise. Somehow her Australian hometown seemed different. She pushed her red bangs out of her forehead and sighed. The plane for Tokyo would arrive in an hour. Back to college…

            Wait, she thought, that's what's different! Dark Knight has not shown his face once this month. That's odd. She looked out the window as a gust of wind wrestled with the trees. If he's not here, perhaps he moved. The winds of change were blowing.

*          *            *            *            *            *            *            *            *            *            *            *

            The cabin shook again, this time violently. I gripped my chair's armrests. This was bad, very bad. I don't remember what happened in full detail. There was a hum and the car went black. I hit the ceiling, knocking the wind out of me. The train lurched again and I was slammed against the train side, jarring my body. My ribs and back were racked with a dull ache. Suddenly there was a sharp snapping noise and then… falling….falling…I was dead.

            A spot of blue light appeared in my vision and widened. Out of the light a woman, tall and pale with immense wings, swooped down and grabbed me. Her blue, black and silver kimono flapped in the ethereal wind as she dragged then tossed me. The world reversed.  Colors went negative and I felt like I was being pulled backwards through a vacuum. My eyesight blackened out and with a sudden POP, it had begun!