To probe her distant memories for a pleasant one between herself and Seifuku no Megami.

            I don't think that's wise. Shawna argued. If we don't stop this now, she will go into cardiac arrest.

            Natsume placed a hand over Kagami's chest and the red aura appeared, but this in this case it was used as an instrument of healing rather than of destruction. Kagami regained control over her breathing, but it came in intervals with staggered exhalation. She curled up into the fetal position and held the base of her neck, shivering with fear.

            Shawna sighed. "I think I best call her host family."

            "They will wonder what happened."

            "We don't have a choice. Look how frightened she is! She needs to be around familiar settings. Her host family is our first and best option." She paused and smiled slyly. "Unless you want to give Saria a call."

            "Caught between a rock and a hard place, damn." Natsume paused thoughtfully. "Call her family and tell them she had some kind of attack and that Monica rescued her in the park."

            Shawna nodded and walked into the other room, looking up the family's number. She made a brief, frank conversation with the resident father then hung up.

            "Is this my fault?" Shawna jumped and spun at the sound of Moni-chan's voice.


            "yes?" Her green eyes were full of clinging hope.

            "Not entirely."

            "How so?" That was a non-committal answer…

            "I can't really tell you…it's personal."

            Moni-chan paused, letting the ideas stew. "Oh. I think I got it."

            Shawna looked at her in surprise. "How so?"

            "I just think I get it." Moni-chan returned. "I triggered it, but that melt down wasn't my fault."


            "Hey! I figured something out!" She walked out of the room, feeling very proud of herself.

            Shawna stuck her hands into her pockets, and then walked into the living room. "Her host family is coming to get her." She paused. "How's she doing?"

            "Better." Natsume replied, pushing Kagami's bangs out of her face. "She's relaxing."

            "That's good." Shawna looked over her shoulder at Moni-chan, becoming suddenly aware of the sword resting on her shoulder. "Where did you get that sword?"

            Moni-chan turned halfway and pointed at Kagami. "She gave it to me."

            Shawna nodded thoughtfully, "well, go put it away and check on Setti Jo for me."

            Moni-chan obeyed, walking up the stairs to the end of the hall, where she tapped on Setti Jo's closed door. "You okay in there?"

            "Yeah. I'm reading."

            "Okay. Shawna wanted to know."


            Shawna's attention turned from Kagami to Natsume who had gotten up and was pacing thoughtfully. "She has the sword now."

            "Only a touch…"

            "But look how dangerous it's becoming to Kagami! She won't be able to survive going through that again! It took a lot out of her body." Shawna argued.

            Kagami's body spasmed involuntarily. Shawna was moved with pity as thousands of thoughts tumbled over and over in her brain.

            "We need to tell Monica. We need to tell her about Seifuku no Megami." Shawna insisted.

            "She has the sword, she'll be experiencing some major physical changes soon, then she'll know." Natsume replied calmly. "No Need to tell beforehand, but we need to cure Kagami of these freakouts or she'll die."

            "I know. Kagami will die if she doesn't confront her past." Shawna reached out and bushed Kagami's hair back affectionately, letting the silver strands slide through her fingers. "But I don't know how and I doubt you do, either."

            "How to make her confront her past?" Natsume mused thoughtfully. "If she doesn't recall her memories, they will meet her full in the face as Monica takes Seifuku no Megami's full physical form."

            "She would not have accepted them yet, and she won't be able to give Moinca the last key for Seifuku ho Megami's resurrection."

            "Then I need to surface some memories within her," Natsume took a breath. "That will be more easily said than done. Understand, Shawna-san that the Slumber of the World has been disrupted. The time of rest is over. Now it is time for awakening!" 

            "And a time for hell."


For now…