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Four years later

It was a summer ceremony. Beautiful and breezy. I had been waiting for this day for awhile. Even before he proposed.

Ethan had proposed two years ago, when I was eighteen. Our relationship had gotten off to a rocky start, despite how much we loved each other. They say long distance relationships do not work, and we almost proved them right. Almost. During my last two years in high school, we tried to talk with each other as often as we could, but he had a huge class load, with twenty classes a week. He came home during the vacation breaks he had.

Ethan was still cautious of Nat. I knew what would have happened if Ethan were to find out that Nat was the drunk driver, so I never told him. I never told anyone. It was not my place to tell anyone, and Nat did not need anyone trying to make him feel guilty. He felt enough guilt by berating himself. I had no idea where Nat had been for the past four years after he had decided to drop out of Princeton a little into his first year. He practically vanished, and no one knew where he had gone. Nevertheless, I invited him to the wedding, although he never responded. The rest of his family, including Holly whom I have never met, were coming though.

Anyway, Ethan's proposal caught me completely off guard. After I graduated high school, I was looking at colleges on the East Coast, in New Jersey more specifically. You know, somewhere near Princeton. I applied to Rutgers University, their New Brunswick campus and got in. It was about thirty to forty minutes from Princeton. Our relationship, which had many problems, mostly because of the distance, started getting more physical. It had been physical before, but not so much since we were barely allowed time to ourselves. And because of the arguments we got into that usually left us both pissed off.

Ethan had visited me at my dorm room one day during the second semester. We got into yet another argument over something stupid that turned into exchanging insults and maledictions. I don't even remember what it was about, now. All I remember is that he stormed out of the room, shortly after followed by me. Although, I was not trying to follow him; I just wanted out.

I returned to find the whole dorm decorated with candles all around and white roses, my favorite flower. Apparently, he had staged the argument to surprise me. Well, he sure surprised me. At first, I thought he was doing the romantic make-up thing. But, soon after he started talking, I knew something was going on.

"Aimee," Ethan called out to me from standing in the middle of the room. I knew he wanted me to sit on the couch, so I did. Raising my head, I met his gorgeous green eyes.

He smiled, while sitting down beside me. "Aimee, I know we've had some problems these past two years, but we have gotten through them. Sometimes, I can't believe that you have actually chosen me. I love you so much, Aimee." He paused, while caressing my cheek with his hand.

"I can't imagine my life without you. I want to wake up every morning to find you in my arms, like the morning after we made love for the first time." I blushed at the memory. It had been an amazing night, but not exactly how I expected. It had been my first time, after all.

"I want you. Forever." Ethan's voice brought me back. He got down on one knee, in front of me. "Aimee, will you marry me?" He pulled out a velvet jewelry box. Inside, was a simple ring with a gold band and diamond. Engraved was one word: Forever.

"Yes!" I yelled, my voice squeaking as I did so. He slipped the ring onto my finger before kissing me.

So, here I was now. My heart pounding as I waited in the church for my turn to walk down the aisle.

"You look beautiful," my father said. He was standing beside me. He looked nervous as well.

I smiled weakly. My dress was the traditional white, the design: a satin halter with a tulle skirt featuring a corset bodice and accented in Rum pink were beaded Alençon lace appliqués. My veil was plain white lace, with a tiara. My blonde hair was pulled up in the back, with curled strands framing my face.

When the music started for the bride, my dad tightened his hold on my arm. I walked down the aisle, barely noticing the other people watching me. My eyes were only on Ethan. He looked so happy. When we stood in front of Ethan, my father released me, placing a kiss on my cheek.

The ceremony officially began with the minister's words. I am not going to bore anyone with the details of the exchanging of the rings and how we both said 'I do.' It's obvious what happened. We were married and I could not be happier.

At the reception party, I was accosted by friends congratulating us. However, I wanted to get started on the honeymoon.

"Hey, newly weds!" came a familiar voice.

"Hannah!" I smiled before hugging her.

"Congratulations, Aimee, Ethan." She said. Hannah had been my maid of honor, wearing a lavender gown. "It was a beautiful ceremony. And I love this dress."

"Yeah, it's beautiful." I agreed.

Hannah was about to say something else until something caught her eye. "Mmm, I'm gonna go talk to that hot piece of man over there! I love weddings." I could not help but laugh.

"You do that, Han." I giggled. Ethan went to kiss me, but we were interrupted again.

"Hi, Mom," Ethan said to his mother. She smiled at us.

"How long do I have to wait for a grandchild?" She teased.

I blushed and shrugged. I had been thinking about it. I would love to have a little boy or girl that was part me and part Ethan.

"I love it when you blush," I heard Ethan whisper in my ear. I turned my head ready to kiss him. I really couldn't wait for that honeymoon.

"Argh! He's already taken!" I heard Hannah mutter from not that far away. I glared at her, but she missed it.

Ethan caught the glare, though, and laughed. "Don't worry. There will be plenty of time for that later," He commented suggestively in my ear. Giving me a quick kiss on the lips, I saw him walk over and talk to his father.

"So, who's already taken?" I asked, turning my attention to Hannah.

"Him." She pointed to a handsome man standing not far from us talking with a woman. It was Nat.

My jaw dropped. "I can't believe it. He actually came!"

"Huh?" Hannah asked, confused.

"Nat. That's Nat."

"That's Nat?!" She asked incredulous. "The one you dated when you had amnesia?"

I smiled. "That's the one."

"So, you invited him?"

"Well, yeah. He's still my friend. I'm gonna go talk to him." With that, I made me way to where Nat and the woman stood.

"Hey, Nat." I greeted.

"Aimee, Congratulations." He hugged me. "You look great."

"Thanks, so are you going to introduce me?" I asked, thinking that this was the woman he was currently dating.

"Oh, right. Aimee, this is my sister, Holly. Holly, Aimee." He said.

"Nice to meet you," I said

"Likewise." Holly replied. She quickly excused herself, though, leaving Nat and I alone.

"So, what made you come?" I asked him.

"I heard you were getting married and I wanted to be here to see you. I missed you, Aimee. Sorry, for not calling or anything, but I needed time to think."

"Oh, you had everyone so worried."

"I know. But, I needed time away from everyone."

"Four years time," I murmured.


"What have you been up to these past four years?" I couldn't help but ask.

Nat only smiled in response.


The End


Started: May 18, 2003

Finished: November 16, 2003


Author's Note: Well, it's over. *Tear* (for real, this time) I know I said no epilogue, but I got the sudden idea for one and everyone wanted more about Aimee and Ethan. The only reason I didn't want to write an epilogue was because I didn't know how to write one without giving away what happened to Nat. But, I thought of the last couple lines last week, when I was on the bus. So, if you want to know how he spends those years, you'll have to read For A Reason (Shameless plugging, I know. Hehe) Yeah, so thanks again for all the reviews. I wonder how many people will even notice this epilogue right away. Hmm. Well, I hoped you enjoyed the epilogue and it wasn't disappointing or sucky or anything. By the way, for Aimee's dress, if you want to see a picture go to: davidsbridal.com, and enter style #2295E.