You ask me:
Do you believe?
Well, I'll tell you-
Every day I hear the curses
As they fall upon the weak
Every day I smell the burn
Of girls who can never see
Every moment is another time
For me to see the fate
Of a world gone wrong-
Of a place where love-
Beautiful, floating, desired, yearned,
Yet never understood or seen
By the spiritually blind-
Love has no chance
In this world of material truths and wars and things
I never wish to think about
That solely make me wish for a tomorrow of
And Love.
I see through these human eyes
An all too human existence.

But what I see with this mind-
This mind, this heart, this soul-
Is a love unspoken, unseen, unheard
By a world of lies and greed.
The love of Christ.
A love of wonder,
Of happiness,
Of desire to know
The One God who will never leave us,
Never doubt us
Never think we are lost forever.
We are His lambs, the boats torn from their mooring
In this sea of spirituality
We are all things, the image of a perfect and omnipotent Being.
For the sins we commit,
For the people we are
For the people we will never be
Because he never wants us to-
This is his love for us.
The sacrifice of three nails and a tree.
Oh God, thank you-
Thank you for me, thank you for this existence
Where I can share my love
And save the people around me from
Their loss of vision for You.
Every moment, every time I see
That only Your love is true-
It makes me feel that I don't have to belong
To make you proud
That I don't have to make all A's or
To know Einstein's theories
Or understand nuclear science or military strategy.
All I have to do-
My single, one mission-
My only desire, my only need-
Is to believe.
Yes, to believe
To see
To hope
Do I believe?
Oh, yes, I believe.