My Biggest Mistake

I fought for you back
Because I wanted you so much
With you I was happy
My heart is what you touched

Where did the man I love go?
Why won't he come home?
How can you ignore me?
And leave me all alone

It was all so perfect
But everything has changed
Do you think that I'll stay with you now?
Well then you must be insane

Lately I feel so neglected
That no one even cares
Everything that you have done
Has hurt me so much that nothing compares

I can't believe this is happening
I can't believe it's true
Why don't you love me anymore?
What's going on with you?

I may have hurt you in the past
I have even made you cry
But what you're doing to me now
Makes me want to die

I don't know what's wrong with you
Or why you are so fake
But trying to hold on to you
Could be my biggest mistake