Before the beginning of time, there was a war. The war of the Gods. Odin led the the Angels of Odaria and the forces of Order against the Reapers and the forces of Corruption, led by Hel.
The war lasted many thousands of years before finally, Hel and her allies were defeated and bound to the underworld.
Time began when Odin created the world of Besari. Freyja created the Elves, the Dwarves and Men.
Hel, though trapped in the underworld, still had her powers. She created Rathi, the land of Damnation and sired a demoness to rule over Rathi. Queen Parimala was born.
Rathi was a raging war machine, swallowing the hapless nations of man. Not even the Elves or Dwarves could stand against the powers of Rathi.
Odin and Freyja, unable to bear the thought of losing their creations to Hel, created ten suits of armour. These were called "The Ten". Their names were Order, Hope, Genesis, Fury, Honour, Truth, Valour, Might and Will.
Odin gave these suits of armour to the people of Bendamore, the realm of men, in turn, the leaders of Bendamore gave "The Ten" to the Marshals Of Besari.
Ten were selected. Gyder Fiongar and Fenerif Somar of Bendamore, Higerit Gdenir and Ricardis Nolif of Azgard, Michael Quast and Kyle Karisk of Oberon, Sirius Tomaris and Darius Gfuiris of Atreyud, Sol Femiro and Jakob Hunder of Koth.
Each of them had their strengths and weaknesses. Gyder was selected as the leader of what came to be, The Wolves Of Besari.
The ten Wolves soon became as close as brothers through all the trials and tribulations that they went through together. Together, they led the armies of Besari on the battlefields where they defeated the armies of Rathi.
Soon, Besari was free again. Rathi was vanquished and her Queen imprisoned in her own lair, Mount Wrath.
For five years, Besari prospered, but all good things must come to an end.
Ricardis Nolif, the bearer of Truth somehow fell to the darkness. When he emerged, he no longer bore Truth. He bore Corruption. With his new powers, he waged war against those whom he once called brothers.
Two followed in his footsteps. Kyle Karisk, the bearer of Hope and Michael Quast, the bearer of Valour. Hope became Misery and Valour became Dread.
The three soon became even more powerful then the remaining seven.
The war lasted many years, thousands upon thousands died on the battlefields.
Aries the God of war, under the authority of Odin, sent the Angels of Odaria to end the bloodshed and retrieve "The Ten".
The angels hid "The Ten" inside the bowels of Mount Brodonia.
Now the year is 2002B.G (before God). The forces of Rathi have remerged and are plotting to release Hel and her allies from the Underworld.
Odin must now find ten suitable warriors to once again bear "The Ten" and lead the forces of Order to victory against Rathi before Hel is released.