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Chapter 1: It all begins

Shamonir had left Tider as soon as she heard the news. Her journey lasted seven days, but only because she rode on continuously and stopped for nothing.
By the time she reached Bendamore City, her horse could barely move. Shamonir decided that since she could no longer ride on her steed, she had better leave it at the nearest stable and make her way to the palace on foot.

"High Countess Tiderius, the Queen has been expecting you." A high ranking Marshall greeted Shamonir. "Was your journey smooth?"
"Let's just say it was uneventful..." Shamonir yawned as she gestured for the guards to lead them to the council hall.
"Marshal Cook,, is the word true?" Shamonir asked as they walked briskly through the vast labyrinth of corridors.
Benelus Cook sighed. "It would seem that way. The Grand Council has invited the Dwarven kings and the Elven lords. It must be something very urgent."

The great oak doors of the Grand Council swung open.
"Ah.." Queen Karen Bendamore got up from her seat. "You've made it."
"Yes, your majesty." Shamonir bowed as she made her way to her council seat.
"As I was saying," a tall elf continued. "the omens are showing and we can not afford to ignore them any longer."
"Yes.. We understand your concerns, Feldoen. "Duke Kalais Oberon stroked his white beard as he spoke. "However Oberon's armies and resources are being taxed to their limits."
"Nithiak and the forces of Kazai-Muralis constantly harass our borders." Karen Bendamore explained. "Oberon can hardly handle them, let alone take on the might of Rathi."
Lord Feldoen Thanduriul was an impatient man. He slammed his right fist on his armrest.
"We can NOT allow Rathi to bring Hel back from Styx." he exclaimed. "If that happens, all that we have fought for in the last 4000 years will be washed down the gutters."
"But even the elves cannot fight them. What are we to do?" Lord Eldoran of the Eladamari elves spoke softly.
"Exactly. We have no single standing army strong enough to even defeat the guardians at the gate of Rath." an old mage pointed out.
"That is precisely the point Magnus." Earl Oolarig Azgard said as he stood up. "We can combine all our armies. We can muster up a force powerful enough to challenge even Hel herself!"
Duke Magnus Koth nodded slightly. "However you neglect the fact that we have done it before, but could never find suitable leaders to lead the troops into battle."
A cloud of grey smoke suddenly appeared in the middle of the hall. When it dissipated, an old man materialised.
"Perhaps I can be of assistance." the old man offered.
"Who are you? Guards!" King Ogarin signalled for the guards to remove the intruder.
"Markus, there will be no need. He is a friend." Karen waved of the guards.
"And indeed I am." the old man laughed.
He slowly turned to face the other lords.
"I am know throughout the lands as the Grand Sage Thomaris Kuesk." He paused. "I have come with happy tidings."
Markus Ogarin was taken aback. The Grand Sage was no ordinary mortal. Thomaris was one of the few created by Odin himself to guide the forces of Order against Rathi.
"Forgive me, great one." Markus knelt down.
"I do not anger easily, King Dwarf." Thomaris smiled.
"I am here to tell you that Odin has selected the Ten Wolves of Besari." Thomaris continued. "They will lead your armies against Rathi."
"And what must we do?" Feldoen sat up.
"Ensure that they find the Ten and make it back safely to Aesir alive." Thomaris said. "The wolves will find their way here in due time. Do not worry."
Thomaris smiled before vanishing in a cloud of grey smoke.
Council Elder Chenus Poon sighed. "So the omens are indeed true. The great Ragnarok is coming."

The trail was fresh. Dominic knew the man had to be nearby.
"Show yourself you faceless bastard!" Dominic's bellowed.
"Who are you calling a faceless bastard?" Another voice called back.
Dominic snarled. "I forgot. A faceless coward who is the son of the mother of all whores."
A large man emerged from behind a large oak tree. He had a bloodied short-sword in his hand.
"How un-becoming. The heir apparent of House Azgard. Spewing such vulgar and cheap language." The man laughed at what Dominic thought was a crude attempt at a joke.
"Nothing is too vulgar or cheap for scum such as you, Riward." Pulling out his runeblade from its sheath, Dominic spat on the ground.
"You must be really bad in bed. That slut has no experience at all!" Riward laughed again.
Dominic's face reddened with anger. His eyes teared as he recalled the bloody scene.
"Shut your trap and face my blade!" Dominic flew into a rage, swinging his sword at Riward.
Riward blocked the blow, but his short-sword shattered upon impact. Dominic stepped back.
"Pity." Dominic pulled a short-sword from his belt and threw it at Riward. "Fight me."
"You think you're so high and mighty? Fight me without that sword of yours if you're a man." Riward scowled. His arm was smarting from the impact of the earlier exchange.
Dominic laughed. "And what give you the right to make such a challenge? You're no man."
"But I will grant your request." Dominic sheathed his sword. "You use your blade, I'll use my hands. How about that?"
Riward thought for a while. He then decided that he had nothing to lose. He had the upper hand after all. Riward raised his sword and charged at Dominic.
Dominic watched as the brute charged towards him.
"Toolar Aihas!!!"
Dominic let loose a wave of sonic energy from his fingertips.
Riward saw the ripples, but it was too late. The energy smashed into his abdomen, probably shattering his internal organs.
Falling backwards, Riward tried to speak. Blood spurted out from his mouth. No words could be heard.
"Wishing you never laid hands on her?" Dominic slowly walked towards Riward. "I think it's a tad bit too late."
Riward struggled to get away from Dominic, but the pain was excruciating.
"Get. aw.. ay" Riward managed to mutter.
"You get what you give," Dominic smiled at Riward sinisterly before continuing. "but I can only hope that this is just a fraction of how much you made her suffer!"
Dominic put his hand on Riward's abdomen. A bluish mass of energy gathered around his palm.
"Holaris Tomar.." Dominic was healing the man.
"You?" Riward was confused. A man who just a moment ago threatened to inflict great pain on him had just healed him.
Dominic silenced him by drawing his sword and pointing it at Riwards forehead. A swirling mass of energy gathered at the tip of the blade. Dominic began chanting.
The energy turned red. It became clear what spell Dominic was utilizing.
The Mind Reaper was the worst spell a templar could cast. It inflicted the worst pain imaginable to the victim. The victim would not die, but suffer indefinitely as he lost his mind to the terrible pain. Templars were forbidden to use the spell except against enemies of Besari.
"NO!!!!" Riward sensed his impending doom.
"Reapero Midari, soltar AIHAS!!!!!" Dominic screamed as the mass of energy smashed into the forehead of Riward.
The man went into convulsions. His eyes rolled back and he screamed in agony.

Dominic looked at her body.
"I'm sorry." Tears welled up in his eyes. "I should have been there for you."
Tara was Dominic's other half. She meant everything to him.
Dominic's mind swirled as he recalled the happier times. Their first kiss. That night. Dominic strained to hold back his tears.
Looking at Tara's limp hands proved too much for Dominic. Those eyes that would never again gaze at him with love. Those arm which he could no longer hold in his hand. Those lips which he could still press his own against but never feel the warmth.
He would never again feel for another woman. Not after this. Tara had been everything to him. No one could ever make him feel the same way Tara did.
"But I have avenged you." Dominic cradled Tara's body in his arms as he made his way back to Azgard.

The council hall was filled with the chatter of the other Templars. "Silence!" A loud voice bellowed. It was Oolarig Azgard, ruler of Azgard. He also happened to be Dominic's uncle.
"Dominic Tiolin!" His voice was harsh. The tone was one of anger. "What have you to say for yourself?"
"I have nothing to say." Dominic looked down at his own feet.
"You have A LOT to say. How did you come to learn the spell? Only Mage Templars learn that spell, but you are a Knight Templar. How did you learn it? Tell us NOW!" Elder Templar Keeto Limus shouted at Dominic.
Keeto never liked Dominic, the only thing that prevented Keeto from doing anything to Dominic was the fact that Dominic was the heir apparent to House Azgard. Now, things were different. Dominic was probably going to lose everything, and Keeto wanted to make sure of it.
Gritting his teeth, Dominic knew he had best not aggravate the situation any further. "I studied the arts of the Mage Templar on my own."

"Really?" Keeto said sarcastically. "It is more likely Hel taught you that spell."
"Sir, I can vouch for Dominic. He has never been in league with." A young Templar stood up to defend Dominic.
"Michael Pharris, know your place in this council! Sit down you little brat!" Keeto screamed at the Templar.
"And you should know yours too, you incompetent fool!" Dominic snapped, unable to tolerate Keeto's behaviour, especially towards his best friend.
"It is you who should know your place Tiolin." Elder Benedis Tar tried to diffuse the situation. "Michael Pharris, explain yourself."
Michael nodded. "Dominic studied the Mage Templar arts on his own after completing his training. I was always present when he practised. Including the time where he practiced the Mind Reaper Spell."
"So you are in league with him too?" Keeto smiled sarcastically.
"Leave him out of this you swine!" Dominic was never good at controlling his temper.
"Your insolence is intolerable!" Keeto drew his blade and pointed it at Dominic. "You."
Oolarig snatched Keeto's runeblade from him. "I will decide what punishment is meted out, and how it is meted out."
Turning to Dominic, Oolarig shook his head. "You're future was as bright as the northern star, and you threw it away in a moment of insanity."
"By casting that spell on a mortal man who had nothing to do with Hel, you signed away your future." Tears rolled down Oolarig's cheeks. "No doubt you have been like a son to me, but your crime is unpardonable."
"As much as it pains me to do this, I must." Oolarig stood up. "Dominic Tiolin, from this day forward, you are cast out of the order. Never again set foot on Azard, never again."

"So you're following me?" Dominic raised his eyebrow.
"Of course I am." Michael finished strapping his equipment on the horse. "Someone has to keep you out of trouble."
"Hah." Shaking his head, Dominic got onto his horse. "I'm afraid it will be you who will be needing help."
Michael got onto his horse. "Enough small talk. Where are we heading?"
Dominic pulled out a map. "I've always wanted to see the elementals."
"You're not serious, are you?" Michael cringed at hearing that word.
"Of course I'm not. You ARE following me right?" Dominic grinned.
"But.. HEY!!!"
Dominic sped of on his horse even before Michael could finish his sentence.

A female voice called out. Dominic turned around, but found no one.
"Who is there? Show yourself!" Dominic called out.
"I'm over here."
The voice sounded familiar. The lullaby like quality was enchanting. It sounded so much like her. But Dominic knew it was impossible. Tara was dead. Dead and gone.
"Come out so I can see you!" Dominic said.
A women emerged from behind the trees. Her long flowing hair and her figure resemble Tara. Dominic could not make out her face clearly in the mist.
Dominic was awaken by a rude jolt from Michael.
"We best get moving soon." Michael laughed. "Get up you lazy bum."
Dominic opened his eyes to find Michael standing above him.
"Quite the enthusiastic traveler aren't you?" Dominic scoffed. "Just a few days ago you were complaining about going to Lothed-Oden."
"People change..." Michael explained.
"Yes, they do." Dominic grinned. "But not the ever righteous Michael Pharris."
Michael sighed. Dominic had once again poked fun at Michael's near religious obedience to the Templar Order's commands.
"One day you'll realize the importance of conformity." Michael shook his head.
Dominic smiled and laughed. "One day, YOU'LL realize the importance of loosening up."
"Yes yes.. You always say that." Michael sighed. "But look where it's gotten you."
Dominic snarled. "Do not question my decisions in life. He threw me out. I didn't ask to leave."
"Lets not quarrel. Its over anyway." Michael put his hand on Dominic's Shoulder. "Lets go."
An unnaturally strong gust of wind swept through the forest.
"What was that?" Dominic looked around.
"Its just an old friend." A voice said.
"Then show yourself." Michael drew his runeblade.
"That will not be necessary." The voice said.
Michael felt his grip on the blade loosen involuntarily. He then dropped the runeblade.
"What is this?" Dominic snarled as he raised his blade.
A old man dressed in a white robe emerged from the mist. Dominic found the old man vaguely familiar. He had seen him somewhere before.
"Who are you?" Dominic sheathed his blade.
Michael bent down to pick up his own.
"I am the Grand Sage Thomaris Kuesk." The man said. "And I am sick of introducing myself."
Dominic laughed. "So its you!"
Thomaris had appeared to Dominic in his dreams once to deliver a message to the Templar council.
"I bring grave news." Thomaris sighed. "Rathi is mobilizing. Parimala is going to war."
"That's terrible." Michael shook his head. "We must get back to Azgard imm..."
Michael then rememberer that Dominic was banished from Azgard.
"It will not be necessary. The Lords have already been informed." Thomaris said. "I am here because the two of you have been chosen for a great task."
"And what might that be great sage?" Dominic asked.
"Odin has selected the new Wolves of Besari." Thomaris smiled. "And the two of you are one of the Wolves."
"WHAT?" Dominic's jaw dropped.
"Even more happy news for you Tiolin," Thomaris said. "you have been chosen to lead the Wolves."
Dominic felt his heart skip a beat. This was too much for him to handle.
"That's great news great sage!" Michael expression was one of joy. "Who are the other Wolves?"
"You will find out once you reach Bendamore City." Thomaris replied.
"You better take care of your friend over there. He seems rather shocked." Thomaris pointed to a now speechless Dominic.