Wave Riser

Chapter I

A Myth

For one human being to love another; that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks, the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation.

Rainer Maria Rilke (1875 - 1926)

                     "Etaoin, are you day dreaming again."

Etaoin grumbled looking out at the clear ocean, the infinite depth scary but comforting in the fact that the not-so subtle churning of the waves would change and tradition was thrown to the bottom.  Maria felt a tap of a hard stick. She spun around and kicked in the direction of the tap, but her leg was grabbed and she was flipped over.


She muttered not only to herself but to the stick. A young man stood there looking at Etaoin, her betrothed. He was handsome and kind, but she  was in love with only one person, Riahle, a character in the book 'Jhayrn'. He haunted her dreams where she would waltz 'till dawn feeling the magic coursing through his skin.

"You should be more careful my love."  

Darren whispered feeling Etaoin's smooth cheek, she brushed him  away. He looked hurt but she  didn't care he was her guard, of the prison of this sea village and she would never be the lover of her captor.

"Go away Darren, I'm  busy."

He rounded on her his voice soft the command of the, the waves started to raise, protesting angrily. I glared at him, then raised a pale eyebrow turned and kicked him in the groin.

"Darren go away!"

With that she ran, her boots patting against the soft grass of the shores of Higar, the kingdom of Magic and Change, but even this non-traditional community wasn't enough for Etaoin.  If only he was him, she would have had him. She fell to ground, of exhaustion.

" Oh damn what the hell?"

She looked up in surprise as a small glimmer danced bout her like a living thing. She tried to grab it stupidly, then finally, she held it. A small women, clothed in white dress of light materiel. Small delicate wings fluttered, Etaoin looked at the fae in wonder, until it spoke.

"Girlie what be you doin' here near the land of the Fae."

Etaoin smiled at the Fae, and when the Fae opened it's mouth with a song of wonders they were forever bonded, in eternal friendship.

Maya smiled touching the worn pages of the yearly play, knowing the rest of the story by heart. Etaion found her hearts desire who was Darren in disguise and they lived happily ever after and she was tis to play Etaoin, meaning she was too find who her betrothed would be. Maya did not want such a thing, and never would she was to be the wave raiser and little did she know that the weight of not just the waves crashing 'gainst the shores of her unchanging land would fall 'pon her shoulders.