Leila tripped and fell. It was the black of night in the middle of the Enchanted Forest, and she was on her way to the castle of the Unicorn Queen, Celestine.

Leila sensed she'd just witnessed something very serious. Even among her panicked thoughts there were a small amount of calm ones, wondering if they'd overestimated, and were now guiding their possessor into an unnecessary panic.

Despite the calm thoughts, maybe that man really did need what he'd asked her for. If that was the case, then, Leila told herself, why would he threaten me? If he truly needed this why would he threaten me? Was he evil and black hearted, or just under stress?

Leila had been asked for The Amulet: The one thing Celestine had said no- one should ask her for. Not under any circumstances. "The one who wishes to steal The Amulet from your possession is most likely out to seek a dark purpose. And if, by chance, your pursuer isn't evil, it's still very serious that he's asked you for it." Celestine had said.

She went over and over Celestine's wise words in her mind. Leila decided she wasn't overestimating, no matter what the pursuer's intentions were. I'm doing the right thing by going straight to Celestine, Leila told herself.

To Leila's relief, she finally reached the castle, after what seemed like hours of running through the dark, quiet, mysterious, and foreboding forest. She ran with all her strength to the castle doors, where two trusty guards were keeping their ever-constant vigil.

Celestine's guards had their work cut out for them though, and the guard on the left testified this fact by his large, loud snores.

Even so, the noise pollution didn't seem to bother the guard that was awake.

"I need to see some clearance." The guard on the right ordered matter-of- factly. Leila pulled at the thin leather cord around her neck that bore The Amulet, and pulled it into the torchlight. The guard gasped at sight of The Amulet, then glanced at Leila's face, as if she were a goddess. Leila gazed into the guard's eyes, as if they were magnets that attracted the soul. Leila could have sworn her sole purpose here was to fall in love with this guard, and that anything else was mere trivia, that it had no meaning. In the back of her mindarose a suspicion though. That looks an awful lot like that man who asked me for The Amulet.