Chapter Eight: A Familiar Mystical Mountain Bird

There, sitting right beside her window were two Mystical Mountain Birds, a male and a female. The male winked at her in a curiously familiar way.

"You're the one that got away the other day, aren't you?"

The male nodded.

"Is this your girlfriend?"

The male shot her a 'sort-of' look.

"Are you willing to be my Mystical Mountain Bird? You know I've wanted one since I was six!" It was true: she had been begging about one for almost as long as she could remember.

The male remained reluctant, although it seemed to Leila that she'd gained its trust. Just the fact that he had flown all the way back here was support in her favor. Even so, the male didn't budge.

"Would the guardian of The Amulet misuse your trust? I know you guys are cautious but that's just getting a little out of hand, don't you think?" Leila said, tugging at The Amulet, which was hung around her neck.

Any uncertainty that had been in the male's face vanished at the sight of The Amulet and the sound of Leila's words. He looked at his girl for reassurance. So, in the universal acceptance gesture, the male flew off his perch on the window and landed gracefully on Leila's shoulder. Leila was surprised when the female did as well. It was then Leila noticed an orange ball of fluff on the window that the male and female had obviously been guarding.

"It's a Mountain Bird chick!" Leila exclaimed in surprise. She rushed over to the window and took the chick in her hands.

"It's yours, right?" Leila asked the male, who nodded.

"Well, you two are parents! Good for you!" Leila exclaimed happily. Leila went over to her bed, where the male and female flew off of her shoulder.

"I should give you three names. Hmm, what do you think of Kenshin?" Leila asked the male. He nodded approvingly and tweeted a few notes.

"Alright then, Kenshin it is!" Leila confirmed. "Now for you two."

"Does Cecelia work for you?" Leila asked the female. The female looked to Kenshin, then nodded at Leila.

"Now that only leaves this little dude. What to call him..." Leila said, in thought.

"Howzabout Yusuke?" Leila said finally.

The chick tweeted excitedly.

"That settles it, I guess. You guys make yourselves comfortable. I'm going down to the aviary to get food and water and ask if they've got room for you guys to have a roost." Leila said, leaving the room and shutting it behind her.