no title
If I struggle through the pain, will this day lead to some gain
Sweat though the rain its plain...u can run away but the blame remains
Maintain restraint buts it's all the same when the nights faded
These changes played out with out complaint like everyone's jaded
The lights faint, await the fate of the ones most hated
Betrayed with lyrical grenades my shades been invaded
Tired of tirades and charades, so who's to say I m feigning bane
People all trading games using excuses that seem clich├ęd
Can't say I wasn't the same, now I just trying to stay sane despite this
But day turns to night and the night cascades into day
Afraid to say our feelins so were concealing appearin the way
Things are portrayed, avoiding and evading what we really wanted to say
Completely mind made its these thoughts that remain with me down to the
Persuaded to conform into a foreign form forlorn from being saved
Weighed down to heavily by this ever ready storm so my thoughts remain in
the form of a slave