Universal War I: 4672

Before I ever even thought of being a writer, I had the basic plot ideas for this story, ultimately UWI has been in the works since I was six years old, though of course I never started writing it until much later. This is my brain-child, it will be this book, and its two following sequels that will be my ultimate achievement.

I started work on this when I was fourteen and just starting high school, when the first truly detailed ideas for it came around, it was nothing like it is now. This will be the thirteenth revision since I first started, all of those six long years ago. I hope this will be the final revision, now that it is being made public outside of my school for the first time.

I do think its funny though, that I released "The Mercenary" before this, even though The Mercenary is a spin off from this very book. But if any of you at FictionPress liked "The Mercenary" I hope that you will like this one as well, but I must warn that it's slightly different in styling. This is after all a more clean cut plot than "The Mercenary" and it's more of a Space Opera while "The Mercenary" was more of an Action Thriller. But all the same, this one has all the plot twists and triple crossings that you all liked in "The Mercenary."

And so, without droning on and on any longer, I present to you, Universal War I: 4672. The first in a three part trilogy.