The Prince of all things

Guess who couldn't sleep this time? I don't know why I even bother .This one is to Lil Gary my little prince of all things.

Lil Garry looked all around him , the vastness of the palace was nothing when compared to the country where he played. But this was family time, so he smiled and sat stiffly at the long table where his parents aunts uncles and siblings fidgeted restlessly in starched dresses and ties.

Mother rattled on to her guests oblivious to their discomfort , Father sat quietly at his end picking at his food but not truly eating. His sisters the Princess, Courtney Ashley and Kiah were each in their own worlds staring off into space or investigating their meals. It was a long and boring dinner but soon all things drew to an end and as the only Prince in a vast family it was Lil Gary's job to escort his sisters to their chambers.

"Good night Lil Gary." Courtney Yawned as she pecked her younger brother on the cheek .Her bedroom was large and smelt of perfumes and candy. She was Fourteen years old and She was the Princess of the Flora.

Next was Ashley's room ,bright with pink and blue trimmings Princess Ashley was only ten , the loveliest creature in the palace none the less she ruled chastity.

Half asleep already she mumbled a small 'g night lil Gary' and sank into the comforters of her bed.

By the time Gary reached the end of the hall way his little sister was nearly asleep leaning against him as he escorted her into her room. Princess Kiah was the Child of love only four years old she was the most loving being the world had ever known but she ruled the sky and all things that flew in it .Garry tucked her into bed and drew the covers close around her even in her sleep she smiled and whispered 'good night Gary, love you."

Lil Gary's room was across the hall from Princess Kiah's and there he went glumly in the dark hallways.

His room had dark blue walls with hunting scenes painted on them by the best artist the kingdom had to offer. They were beautiful but nothing compared to the real thing he enjoyed when he lived with his Aunt Nat in the country. He grew sad as he watched the scenes of birds flying and deer running on the flat green grass ,He would have cried then if not for a sound from behind him. Turning he looked up at his favorite aunt and smiled.

" I thought you left already." He said sadly as he sat on the edge of his bed.

"I wouldn't leave with out saying good bye to you sweetie." She answered hugging him tightly.

Lil Gary smiled he loved his auntie Nat she understood him and also was the only one who didn't call him little Gary.

"Can I ask you something?" he said softly as she tucked him into bed

"You're the Prince" she smiled down at him.

"That's just it ,What am I the prince of ? Courtney and Ashley and Kiah and mommy and daddy all have important titles and I have none. I am just Lil Gary and that's not fair."

Auntie Nat thought quietly for a moment them smiled .

"You do have a title and it's the most important of them all. Look around you're room and tell me what you see."

Gary sat up and looked around. He looked at his large bed the elegant bureau with its gold handles a multitude of toys scattered about for the maids to pick up and the beautiful paintings on the wall. The sky, animals people and way in the distance a castle on top of a hill overlooking a village with tiny people milling around on the painted streets.

"I see everything." Lil Gary said a bit confused

"Precisely ." Aunt Nat's smile was radiant in the dimly lit room. She kissed her nephew once more and took her leave turning out the light as she went.

Lil Gary lay in bed and mulled this over, Aunt Nat could be quite confusing at times and this was definitely one of those times.

He tried to straighten his thoughts out starting with Courtney. She was Princess of the Flora so room was decorated with flowers and trees and beautiful plants. Ashley was Princess of Chastity her room was covered in hearts and butterflies and all those innocent things the world had ever known. Princess Kiahs room was decked out with birds and beautiful flying things. Above her bed a mural of cherubs and angels flew with her into the dream world .

Now Gary's room had everything, innocence ,flowers birds , love the whole kingdom from the palace to the countryside. He smiled to himself as he yawned rolling over into sleep. He was the Prince of All Things ,things he had yet to understand. He slept peacefully dreaming of his weekends at Auntie Nat's place in the country where nobody called him Little Gary and he truly had everything his heart could ever desire.