Candied apples and pickled eggs
Summer days
Hot sands
Park swings
fun things
I remember when I was too young to know
What would happen if I'd never grow
Before the times of programmed every things
There were ice cream cones and candy rings
I remember when the other side
Was so far away I had to stay
All the others would laugh at me
Cuz I couldn't see and was scared of the big tree
How far it seems
To here from there
So innocent
I did't have a care
And now I stand in hell
My blind eyes
Swollen oh well
Once again those days
play through my head
and as I lay here
half dead in bed
I feel the pain
that brought me here
and now I know
I should have cared
Why did I
Why did I have to go
To the place
That I didn't know
Candied apples and pickled eggs
Waiting for me
Why didn't I see
How could I be
so blind to think
that I could fly
from the jackass tree.
.note 2 self .crack kills!!!