The Girl I Am

When I was young
Back in my childhood
I never dreamed
That I would

I never thought I'd fall
Never thought I'd do this
Always was so innocent
But, then the kiss

Everything changed
Nothing was the same
Day after day I cried
I took on a new name

My parents didn't know me
Friends weren't really there
Always trying to hide
No one gave a care

Home wasn't sweet
It was nothing but black
Never thought something like this
Would make me go back

Now I'm with you
And there's no where to run
There's nothing but thoughts
That say we should be done

You don't know me
As well as you think
With all of your kind words
My heart continues to sink

You've never done me wrong
But, every guy is the same
They think love is a song
And heartbreaking a game

You say you love me
But, it's not true
Everything you say is a lie
You've played this game before

Many have fallen for it
Too many before me
You know what you want to get
Until you get it, you won't quit

But, I am different
I won't hang on your vow
I want things to change
And I mean NOW!

But, I know you won't
It's not in your mind
You think every female is a toy
And their love is blind

Well, it's not like that with me
I know who you are
I know the true person
I know not to get into the car

I won't drink what you offer
I won't fall victim of a dirty deed
If you can't accept that, we better end it
'Cause this is the real me

Written by both Damaged and Destiny