Three girls walk along the leaf-covered street. One has a long face and pretty brown hair waving down to her shoulders. She smells of honey and dogs and pen ink. One has black eyes, eyelashes, and eyebrows all exaggerated. Cocky reassurance now crumpled like the leaves underfoot. Blond curls and thick arms. The other is shorter and thinner than the other two. Pale eyes and baby cheeks, skinny legs. Quinn's whole body shakes and quivers and threatens to be blown over by the wind. And that is how they continue and walk into the building that smells of worry, promise, and dead leaves scuffed in by new shoes. Weeks following is hiding, salty nights with throbbing headaches and a little girl with ratty hair their only companion.

But then all of a sudden there seemed to be just enough room for a girl with pale eyes, skinny legs and baby cheeks to wedge her way in. And there were boys on their knees and boys on the phone and boys following her home. And Quinn crusted lots of mascara onto her eyes in the morning and grew farther and farther from her girlfriends. And she missed them but all the same she knew there was not enough room for a girl with a long face, or with thick eyebrows and arms. But there was a short girl with a piggy nose and a pretty smile and charisma and manipulation under her fingernails. Together they dominated and hurt and giggled and broke. When life is sometimes an apparent lie still you do not stop yourself.

But there was a little boy with freckles and funny looking hair and a thick pretty scent he carried with him wherever he went. And his chocolate honey eyes could not leave the baby faced laughing girl with the too-tight jeans. And he worked his elf magic and pulled her pale eyes to look at his pretty lips. And her ice queen heart began to melt so then Quinn with the baby face fell for the little elf boy Nick. And all of a sudden there was no pig nosed ice queen next to her and angry stares looked out at her from pairs of eyes that had just been her friends. And lucky for her there were two pairs of arms waiting for her little body to fall back into them. And a girl with a long face and pretty wavy brown hair, and a girl with thick eyelashes and eyebrows and black eyes and Quinn walked home with their arms around each other.

Now elf boy and baby face talked on the phone for hours and found themselves always together at school. Elf boy's friend made fun of him, and baby face's friends complained she didn't have enough time for them anymore. But that is sometimes how it goes when an elf boy and a baby face find each other's hands when they are very young.

And then in a cheesy movie bodies intertwined even more. And then two sets of full pretty lips (who had never before been kissed) found each other and pressed against together. And the world spun and went out of focus and only what was left was a little elf boy and a baby faced girl. And shadows faded and everything all of a sudden was different, somehow. And in every moment in every thought Quinn ever thought Nick was somehow in it. Everything she did she wished Nick was there, everything she tasted she wished he was there to taste it with her. And she sometimes cried at night because she missed him so much. And there was a night, a salty telephone call of letting everything go, telling everything there is to tell, and loving despite. Words that had never been whispered before were sobbed over a phone line.

And their embraces deepened, as did their love as they whisked through life supporting each other and loving each other. Best friends, lovers, soul mates, almost exactly the same in every way. And though it was not seen from the outside deep inside elf boy's heart there was pain.

So a skinny elf boy scratches his chest at night loving a girl with a baby face, with all his heart and blood and fear and insecurity. She worries about him, cries for him. And he even sometimes has to pry away a bottle of pills from her hands with his beautiful words and kisses. Love is stronger still as they overcome. Bodies intertwined they make love through their clothes. They cuddle together, they kiss and kiss and kiss until their lips are chapped and they meet every day on a hill as Nick comes from the bottom and Quinn comes from the top. And every time, without fail in his hand Nick carries a single flower he has picked from somebody's garden. And every time when they see each other they run as fast as they can until they are close and they hold each other in a lovely embrace and they kiss. And sunshine comes out from behind a cloud and warms them walking together skinny and young and so crazy in love. And if you are sitting in a coffee shop watching them walk by you will see them so unabashedly in love with sunshine in their hair. And you will wonder how it is that two so young could be so very much in love. But life works in mysterious ways and so does love. They spend their summer together, planning impossible fantasies too far into the future of their wedding, children, and life together. And it seems beautiful and perhaps it would have been.

But then it becomes too much and bodies are always intertwined it seems and sometimes they forget to talk, to love and be close. And they just touch all the time it seems. Sunshine seems to fade as the warmth does. And some times when they are together it is like it should be, perfect and close and full of love. And sometimes it is empty and all there is to fill up space is each other's bodies.

And elf boy grows his hair long and curly and grows much taller and his voice drops down lower and he seems to have lost the sparkle of elf magic that twinkled in his eye and his hormones seem to rule him. And Baby face half loses her baby cheeks, and all of a sudden she isn't tiny thin anymore as she finds herself with apparent breasts and hips. And they use what the have gotten as they grow up together experiencing things that for the first time, and they are unsure of each other. And Nick is in a band with his buddies most days a week, and Quinn find herself with her girlfriends much more, realizing how much she has missed them. And they break up every second week it seems, then fall back together. And they are both confused and just let their bodies react because in some ways it is easier this way, letting theirs souls stay in the back of their heads while their bodies love in the only way they can.

And so here we are. We are watching from above as a boy and a girl who fell in love when they were children are drifting apart as young man and woman. And tears are shed but mostly there just seems to be this empty chasm inside. And a sinking feeling that they will never find the same thing again. And perhaps they won't because the love of two children, between an elf boy and a baby-faced girl is so lovely, so pure, that maybe in the corruptness of adulthood it can never be achieved. We watch as Nick goes out with a tall Goth girl with dark makeup around her eyes and large breasts and an exposed stomach, who only want to wreck him. And we watch as Quinn catches the eye of a cute Blondie who loves sports and we watch as it deteriorates because of an apparent lack of chemistry and anything else worth trying for.

And here we are watching from the eyes of a rock star that has his eyes on baby face Quinn, wondering what she is doing after the show. And who glances steadily out at elf boy Nick, respecting his leather jacket and ripped jeans. There is baby face Quinn who is signing secret messages to a girl with crazy eyes with her hand as she dances at the foot of the stage tossing her long waves and side bangs. And there is elf boy Nick screaming things over the noise to a heavy androgynous girl with a red Mohawk. And they are right next to each other, but are not together in any way. Or at least they do not appear to be. But there are memories of when an elf boy found a baby face girl's hand years ago and life soared. There will always be an unseen connection underneath their fingernails whether they chose to see it or not.

But they are different now. Growing up separate and going there separate ways. Sometimes the girl wishes she could go back and have it all again but alas. Life is what has happened and the past is barely important compared to what the future will bring. And Quinn isn't sure but she guesses Nick is sometimes sad about it too. And we know he is, just as someone is sad for a dead friend. And there is a dead friend. A memory living on. Of sunshine and cheesecake and tons of kisses and we shall call it love.

Together we are waiting to see you again. Just as everyone is waiting. The only problem is that we know your taste in our mouths so we will not settle for anything less. So whether it is a blessing or a curse that is how it is.

And we fade out as the music stops and Quinn and Nick stop dancing. But in our head the last way we will always see them is not apart at a rock concert, but together kissing and loving, souls joined. And smile because that is something we will taste forever.