A part of me wants to hurt you
The other part wants to walk away.
You leave me here alone and I want to follow,
My other side says to stay.
A part of me wants to forgive and forget
The other seeks a punishment.
A side of me would never kill
The other desires to hunt to its heart's content.
One part of me is shy
While the other is ambitious.
A part takes things lightly
The other is superstitious.
The only thing these parts have in common
Is they can both drive me insane.
They argue on what I should do
While inside I cry in vain.
When I am confused
One side says to follow its lead
However, the other ones says
That there's no need.
In here, I am the judge
Who makes the final rule
These voices may persuade me,
But I'm nobody's fool.
These parts almost
Never agree with me.
That's what I get
For having a split personality.