I was always the nice, soft-spoken little girl who everyone adored
The favorite among parents; you never saw a B on my report card
My teachers loved how quiet and cooperative I was, never gave them any
People just assumed I was one of them; they assumed I believed what they
They never thought I, of all people, would question what they told was true
They never thought I would challenge what they said
They never thought that I wouldn't just accept without any doubt
They didn't expect me to think
Now, all the parents don't want to see their kids with me because of what I
might put in their head
I am the same person now as I was when they all adored me
I just told them what I thought, what I had always thought,
and now all the people who claim their open-minded and tolerant
are not as warm around me as they used to be
my friends aren't so friendly anymore
and my teachers aren't so proud
I was left all alone with nothing, but my disturbing thoughts
I was left with my pain and hopelessness
Left with nothing