The Mystery of Shakespeare

Tryda shivered with excitement. She was going as an intern from Spain, to London, and stay there for the entire summertime. Sí! Finally, the chance to start the career of a lifetime! Ella, Tryda's friend, was beside her on the plane. The announcements suddenly came on, "Please keep your seat belts buckled and please wait until we reach a full stop. Thank you for riding United Airlines. Mantenga por favor sus cinturones de seguridad abrochados y por favor espera hasta que alcancemos una parada repleta. Gracias para cabalgar United airlines." Tryda smiled. The turbulence picked up and her ears were ringing. The plane lurched forward and came to a sudden stop. "We have now arrived in London. Time is 6:30 London time. Thank you and please exit at either end of the plane. Nosotros ahora hemos llegado en Londres. El tiempo es 6:30 hora de Greenwich. Gracias y por favor salida en cualquier fin del avión."
"Ciao Spain! Ciao l'Inghilterra!" Ella cheered. Tryda laughed.
"Ella, they speak English here. England, English, hint?" chuckling, the amigas got off the plain into the bright London airport.