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And we stare each other down

like vicitms in the grind

Probing all the weakness

and hurt still left behind and we cry

The tears of pearls

We do it. Oh we do it.

Is love really the tragedy the way you

might describe?

Or would a thousand lovers

still leave you cold inside?

Make you cry...

These tears of pearls

[chorus: ]

All these mixed emotions we

keep locked away like stolen pearls

Stolen pearl devotions we

keep locked away from all the world

Your kisses are like pearls,

so different and so rare

But anger stole the jewels away

and love has left you bare,

Made you cry...

These tears of pearls

Well I could be the tired joker

pour my heart to get you in

Sacrifice my happiness

just so I could win

Maybe cry...

These tears of pearls


We twist and turn where angels burn

Like fallen soldiers we will learn

That once forgotten, twice removed

Love will be the death...

The death of you


The wind flew swiftly from beneath my feet as I sprinted down the dirtied streets of the Catt Ghetto. The few strands of my light brownish blonde hair free from beneath my ski cap waved softly with my every stride, people lunging out of my way and yelling various insults in my direction as I sped past. "WATCH WHERE YER GOIN' YA DUMB KID!!" One of my large black, white outlined cheetah ears flicked back in anger. Dumb kid??! This 'dumb kid' is your prince, ingrate! I would have gladly stopped to teach these ungrateful citizens a lesson, but I was already late for dinner. Gritting my teeth I quickened my already speedy pace. 16 years old and I still have a dinner curfew.rrg.what I wouldn't give for some freedom.

"Master Dash" I slid to a halt, my heavy metallic flame-patterned boots leaving black skid marks along the cracked pavement. Perking my ears, I blinked my big yellow eyes to the figure standing shadowed in the alley. Slowly the figure emerged from the darkness, revealing himself to be one of my loyal bodyguards, Clawd Krystal. I slumped down, flattening my ears and letting my lanky figure fall slack. "Master Dash, where have you been? You were expected back at the palace ten minutes ago." I growled, narrowing my eyes slightly.

"So what?! Ten minutes, oh whoopdeedoo." Batting my eyelashes, I struck a damsel-in-distress-ish pose. "Why, not that! Ten minutes late! He surely must have died!! Oh what tragedy!! Te-"

".Master Dash.could you please just come inside." Shooting a quick glare accompanied by a huffy sniff to the snow leopard man, I swiftly paraded past him, my shoulders held back in an arrogant stride.


"knockity knock knock knock!" I glanced up to the large double doors that opened to my room.


"Master Dashy it's time for your bathy." I blushed, flicking my ears back and growling.

"DAMMIT ROXY!! I'M 16 YEARS OLD, I THINK I KNOW HOW TO BATHE MYSELF!!" I huffed, still staring intently at the door. .... Curiously, I perked an ear, hearing no noise coming from the other side. Roxy, one of my appointed.love slaves.usually didn't give up that easily. Not because she was outgoing and determined or anything, but just because she had the IQ of a decrepit earthworm and was exceptionally annoying.

"......are you suuuuuuuuure?" A vein appeared on my forehead as I dug my fingers into the soft, velvet blankets of my bed. Breathe.brreeeaaathe.just calm down and maybe she'll go away. Taking in a deep breath, then slowly exhaling, I began to speak in a softer tone.

"..yes Roxy, yes in fact I am very sure. Now if you wouldn't mind, I have some important business to attend to s-"

"Poooosssssssiiiitttiiiiiivvvveeee?" .... Gritting my teeth slightly, I flattened my ears before exhaling deeply.

"Yes, Roxy. Yes."

"Really rreeeaaalllly positive?"


"Suuuuuuper duuuuuuper positive?"


"Dashy Washy? Does that mean no?" The handles to the door slowly began to turn.


".fine meany-head. Just don't blame me when you get all stinky and start growing flies!" I lay, belly down on my huge bed, huffing slightly, my left eye twitching. .That girl drives me utterly insane. One reason why I typically can't stand women. ..wait...did she say I would 'grow flies'? I blinked blankly. The wench actually thinks people grow flies. ..I stared off at nothing in particular before giving a heavy sigh/groan and letting my face collapse down into the velvety blankets.


A stray beam of sunlight trickled through the silky white curtains drawn across my room's large balcony windows. "..mmmm." I turned onto my side beneath the layers of velvet blankets. A soft purr escaped my lips as I grasped for a nearby pillow. "feels..good." The warm sunlight found its way across the upper portion of my body. A soft smile graced my face as the sunbeam's fingers worked their way over my tan, cheetah-spotted skin. I swallowed softly and pulled the downy pillow closer to my chest, affectionately rubbing it to my cheek and hugging it tightly. The combination of my comfy blankies and the sun's warmth filled my body with a fuzzy, cuddly, wiggly feeling. I know that sounds really.stupid. But that's how I feel. Er, fuzzy, cuddly, and wiggly. Not stupid. I smiled, gently moving the tip of my tongue across my lower lip. "..mmmmmm." My eyes squinted open sleepily as I urged the pillow to cuddle closer to me. The first thing that fell into my range of sight was a large blur against the wall. I hazily blinked my eyes, trying to make out the colorful blur in the semi-darkness of my room. Slowly the colors of the blur swirled and changed shape as I watched in a transfixed, half asleep state. The blur had now turned into a figure, not standing against my wall, but on it. He had shaggy bleached bangs and the rest of his hair was a deep, almost blackish brown. Dressed in a loosely fitting purple tank top that was cut short at the midriff and a pair of tight fitting black leather pants, Diego stood posing in all his great Rock-God glory. My eyes widened slightly. "D, Diego.?" I clutched the pillow tighter and tried to force myself up.

".no need to get a hard on, your Hornyness."

"EEKS!!" I leapt about six feet into the air before landing back in my luxurious nest of pillows, blankets, and velvet. I huffed, a deep blush spread over my face, the fur of my elegant cheetah tail ruffled and sticking on end. "D, Dammit Cleo!! What the hell's your problem??!" With a soft chuckle, the tall, tanned catgirl stepped out from the shadows of my room.

"I had come in to see if you were awake," She slowly sauntered over to the side of my bed and leaned down, smiling slightly. "But you were making so many interesting noises that I just had to stay." I frowned at the smirk sliding its way onto her lips.

"Yeah..well.Just get your cleavage back in your shirt where it belongs and get outta my room." Cleo smiled more, then laughed softly and ruffled my messy dirty blonde hair.

"You're so cute Master Dash." I grumbled to myself as she continued cooing over me and playing with my hair. If it was anyone else I would have bitchslapped 'em. But Cleo, well, even though she was my other.love slave.She had always been more like a mother or big sister figure to me, as weird as that sounds. I certainly never did anything with Cleo and Roxy. Bleh. Never. However, as prince I had to have love slaves around.or something. Now, if they looked like Diego.well.then maybe things would be a bit different. A soft blush found its way onto my face at the thought of this. "Hehe.What're you blushing about?" I blinked up at the catgirl, then frowned quickly.

"N, nothing. Now didn't I tell you to get out of here?" Giving a loud sigh, she stood up and crossed her arms across her chest.

"Alright alright. Go ahead and masturbate over your Rock-God."

"Gyah!" I sputtered, blushing quickly. "NANI??!" Growling deeply, I rose up from the covers of my bed, ears pressed back in embarrassment. "I DON'T DO STUFF LIKE THAT!!" With a chuckle and a wink, the tall catgirl sauntered out past the double doors of my room.

"Uh huh. Suuuure your Hornyness."

"GAH!! LEAVE!!!" I swiftly flung my cuddly pillow at the doors, missing Cleo by a second. I sat, huffing slightly, the velvety blankets of my bed carelessly draped around my waist. ....Slowly, almost hesitantly, I glanced up to the large Diego poster plastered to my wall. A soft blush tickled my cheeks as our eyes met. ..eyes met??! It's just a poster you moron!! Yet.I couldn't help but blush. Diego smiled, still posed in his Rock-God glory. Such power.such magnificence.such beauty. Quickly shaking my gaze away, I sighed softly and slid off of my bed and out of the velvety blankets' warm embrace. Gently kneeling down and pulling the cuddly pillow into my arms, I smiled and shut my eyes. "..Diego."


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