My heart is on fire
Someone call the ambulance...
...But why can't anyone
see the fiery flames
Why do everyone ignore my pain?
Am I that invisible?
Do I mean nothing?
Is my pain no proof?
Why can't anyone see?
I'm screaming now
Why can't anyone see?
I feel like shattering
the endless glass dream
Forget about living
For get about the false
mirrors of life
But can't anyone help me?
Why I'm I so alone?
Can't anyone perish my pain?
Please, I'm begging you,
come and help me shatter
these self-destructive thoughts.
I know you can see!
I see it in your eyes!
But then why won't you help me?
Are you really that blind?
Come and help me!
Call an ambulance!
Take me to the hospital
and freeze this heart
Don't let it bleed!
Put leeches on the wounds!
But don't let me bleed to death!
I'm begging you,
come cure my pain.
Make my heart ice,
but stop it from shattering!
Stop the melting
Stop the thudding
Stop the eternal roaring
of my mind!
Someone come! Someone help!
Someone call an ambulance!