Crimson Tears

Standing, smirking, at one you admired.
Agony in their eyes at what has transpired.
Mockingly you ask 'How does it feel to be betrayed?'
A new emotion in their eyes is displayed.
Disbelief, yes. Shock, yes. Fear, that's right.
And suddenly, like a serpent, do you strike.
They fall to the ground, screams piercing the air.
You lift them to their feet, roughly, by their hair.
'Look me in the eyes, filth.' You say coldly.
They stare into your eyes, now boldly.
Through the pain, they stand there proud.
That is quickly changed; they scream, loud.
You watch, eyes dancing, at the scene.
In your eyes, hatred does gleam.
You go about doing what you 'must'.
The deed finally is done; blood on your hands the color of rust.
You retreat to your chamber, crawl into bed.
There you lie thinking of the one who lies dead.
You are alone, and now you feel.
The pain stabs your heart, definitely real.
Then, finally, as the hatred clears,
From your eyes they fall. Crimson tears.