ATUHOR'S NOSE: Hello yes it is 2020 and I am cleaning up things that need cleaning up. This space (as well as the end-note space) formerly contained a long and rambling and unnecessary dialogue between me and the Disclaimer Guy, half of which was unreadable because I was speaking in a cipher for no good reason. Normally I prefer to keep my old bad writing untouched, but if half of it is unreadable, what even is the point?

I distantly recall writing a second chapter to this. I probably won't find it buried in the deepest, dankest recesses of my hard drive.

The useless fable-type thing about cookies and cakes and other dessert and nightmares about pie and pi, except there are no nightmares in Dessert Land.

Once there was a cookie named Al. He had many chocolate chips, and so was very popular, but not as popular as the cakes. Then one day he went on a cake-only diet (who really knows why?) and became more popular. Then he died.

Moral: Cake-only diets are deadly.